Chargers Editorial: Joey Bosa Needs to Sign His Contract NOW!

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The San Diego Chargers 2016 season is right around the corner. Presently 89 of the 90 players are in camp and working out with the team. The final remaining player happens to be the Chargers first round selection Joey Bosa. The lineman out of Ohio State is holding out due to some discrepancies in his contract. The Chargers and his agent hope to work out the details soon.

With the team already building chemistry and working together as a cohesive unit, it is a shame that Bosa is not in camp with his teammates. Often sports agents and the business aspect of the sport complicate what should be an absolute no-brainer. Bosa needs as many reps as possible and he also needs as much time in Chargers camp in order to adjust to the brand new league.

The whole situation is being held up by a contract term known as “Off-Set Language”. This is a clause in a potential contract that would free up a team from obligation to a player that is recently drafted and signed, in case said player was released during the contract. Basically the Chargers four-year deal with Bosa would be guaranteed even if the team decided to release him.

With no off-set language the Chargers could conceivably release Bosa after two seasons and owe him nothing. Football contracts are not guaranteed like baseball simply because of the brutality of the sport (among other reasons). However it would take absolutely extreme measures for a player of his quality to be released after a few seasons. And if he were to be released for some reason, the Chargers should not be on the hook for his remaining salary. If Joey Bosa were to be cut by the Chargers after just two season, he would have to be classified as a mega bust. With that said; sign your contract, honor the four-year commitment and when free agency approaches again for you, cash in big time. Bosa would only be 25 years old when his rookie deal expires.

There is no doubt that Bosa has great talent. In the time he was in camp, the power rushing end showed a relentless motor and the proper footwork to be a viable pass rusher in the NFL. The Chargers could most definitely use the pressure he should provide from the end position. It is critical however that Bosa be in camp in order to cultivate his talent and further grow as a player.

Even worse is the fact the Chargers had their annual event in which some Chargers alumni return to advise the rookies on life in the NFL. Shawne Merriman and Quentin Jammer returned to Chargers Park and were on hand to talk to the entire rookie class. Well not the entire class. Joey Bosa was of course not in attendance. Merriman spoke about time management and focusing on football. Something that Bosa could really take to heart. Jammer spoke about the financial aspect of the game and spreading your NFL money out for your entire lifetime. Another piece of information that could have been beneficial for this young man. Functions like this are vital for a young player, especially someone who is going to be as popular as Bosa. The clock is ticking and he needs to get into camp as soon as possible.

With a revamped defense the San Diego Chargers season can not get here soon enough. Joey Bosa should help improve the play of the entire line. Factor in Brandon Mebane and his addition in the middle and the Bolts D should be in store for a fruitful year. Bottom line is Bosa needs to get into camp and stop being a distraction to the team. Rookie life in the NFL is hard enough, you do not need to start your career in a hole. He should have enough confidence in his game not to care about the off-set language clause. The lineman has all the ability in the world and cannot let outside forces rule his decision making. Ask Shawne Merriman about it…oh wait…you can’t, because you haven’t signed your deal. Think about it Joey and do the right thing. Go Chargers!

2 thoughts on “Chargers Editorial: Joey Bosa Needs to Sign His Contract NOW!

  1. I agree that he needs to sign. I think the details in the article about how the offset language are not correct. If he’s cut after two years the chargers are still on the hook to pay him the entirety of his deal unless he signs with other team. Bosa’s agent is looking to get him paid twice in the event that he doesn’t finish his rookie contract with the Chargers and signs elsewhere.

    1. You are correct. If he was cut by the Bolts after two years and not claimed by anyone they would still have to pay his salary. But if he were cut at the age of 23, somebody would take a flier on him (Raiders).

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