Chargers Editorial: Denzel Perryman Needs to Be Starting

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Mandatory Credit: UT San Diego
Mandatory Credit: UT San Diego

The same old story grips the San Diego Chargers on defense as the team constantly fails to stop the run. The Minnesota Vikings Adrian Peterson is capable of brutalizing the team via the run and the simple answer to the Chargers issue is sitting right there on the bench. Put #52 in the game coach McCoy.

Denzel Perryman is leading all of the National Football League in special teams tackles so far this season. He is an absolute tackle monster and has a nose for the ball. The type of tackling ability he has shown is very rare and the fact he is playing special teams without any complaints speaks of his character.

The second round pick out of the University of Miami is very capable, but is still raw. His pass defensive skills might be limited at the moment, but he can stop the run with the best of them. He has no fear in playing the position and relies on insticts while manning the defensive side of the ball.

Manti Te’o and Donald Butler both lack the consistency for the position. Te’o had a great statistical game last week with 10 tackles, but he also missed numerous opportunities and was also out of position at certain key times in the game verses the Bengals last week.

A line backer, especially in the middle of the field must have excellent instincts and no fear while playing the position. Butler has flashed greatest, however in all reality he has been average more than exceptional in his Chargers career. Perryman should get an opportunity to man the middle linebacker position eventually. It seems like it is only a matter of time before that opportunity presents itself to him.

When given that nod to start, Perryman will run away with the position. The man is hungry and that type of hunger is what is needed on defense. He looks to be a leader and at the same time lets his actions speak with his play on the field. That cannot be taught.

Denzel Peryman has absolutley lit up runners on special teams, but never has he stood over them celebrating. You dont see him hop around or stomp his feet for doing his job. You see him make the tackle and run off the field. Very refreshing to see that type of behavior in this modern game of football.

The sky is the limit for this under sized linebacker, but not 40 time or statistic can measure heart and character. The Chargers need more time to get a feel for what Perryman can be defensively, but it is only a matter of time before he is a vital member of the team. Denzel Perryman will just have to continue lighting people up on special teams until his name is called. When that time comes, you can be sure this man will be ready for it.

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