Chargers Editorial: Chargers Play a Concern, Still a Long Season

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Mandatory Credit: UT San Diego
Mandatory Credit: UT San Diego

The game of football is very much a game about momentum and the San Diego Chargers have played this whole season with little to none. With the exception of one half of football, the Chargers have pretty much had their backs against the wall the whole season.

Coach Mike McCoy is taking an absolute beating by the fans on social media. However is the failures of this team on him and him alone? Being the head coach essentially places a big bulls eye on your back. The moment there is a missed tackle or failed play call, all the attention comes towards the head coach.

There are 53 players on a teams roster and only 46 of them may dress on Sunday and participate in game action. These 46 players are trusted to do their jobs and be in the correct position despite the opposing teams intent to disturb their rhythm. To put it simply despite all the violence, to play the game of football is very difficult.

The Chargers have played this season with a lack of discipline which is uncharacteristic of a typical Chargers team. There is some concern among the fans that the players are starting to get antsy at a potential move. Their is uncertainty for next season and seasons beyond that for these players.

Circumstances like that can be detrimental to the team, but there is nothing the players can do. The future of the Chargers in San Diego is up in the air, that is a fact. The only control the players can have in that regard is…. play the game to the best of their ability. Just leave it all on the field and play the game with no regrets.

Here are the main concerns so far for the Chargers at the moment. Offensive line issues once again plague this team. D.J. Fluker, Chris Watt, Johnnie Troutman, King Dunlap and Orlando Franklin have all been banged up in some certain degree through the first three games of the season. It was announced Troutman will be placed on season ending I.R. on Tuesday. A major blow for the team as Troutman was supposed to be ready at some point this season.

Simply put Rivers has minimal time to survey the field and make a throw. He is constantly being pressured by the other teams defensive pass rush. Frank Reich needs to do a better job of being creative with his play calls. If he doesn’t this could be a really long season for the Chargers. There is still plenty of time to make adjustments. The team must take of business this weekend against the Cleveland Browns. If they fail to do so, then some major changes could be at hand in Chargers land.

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