Chargers Editorial: Sunday Was an Emotional Day for Chargers Fans

Credit: UT San Diego
Credit: UT San Diego


In what could be the last game in the history of the San Diego Chargers in the city of San Diego, a surreal uneasy feeling has taken over the city. Will the beloved Chargers be playing somewhere else next season? That remains to be seen, but the likelihood of a move seems on the horizon.

Emotions are at an all-time high for the fans of the team. For many of us the Chargers are all we have known regarding the National Football League. They are our team and represent the city of San Diego no matter what the result is on the field. These players are who we have grown up with. They at times can seem like a close family member. Seeing them leave has left fans with a dazed looked upon our face.

The somber feeling of the Chargers leaving is attributed to years of incompetence by the city of San Diego and an owner who is fed up and done with the city. The horrible management of funds by the city over the last 20 years is directly responsible for where we are today. Sadly, Dean Spanos and family have burned every bridge and seemed unfazed in moving the team.

It will take a sports miracle for the San Diego Chargers to be saved. An unknown force is the only hope for Chargers fans. It’s very hard to imagine a team not playing football in San Diego. The NFL loves the city and eventually this should be resolved. If the team does leave we as fans are looking at a long while before a team is brought back. The stadium is just a mess and something would need to be resolved by the city first. Could there be a re-birth of the San Diego Chargers?

That is a possibility. If the Spanos family and their franchise leave the city, there is a possibility they leave the team name here. Somewhat like what happened in Cleveland when the Browns left town to become the Baltimore Ravens. The team name was left behind and four years later the Cleveland Browns were once again formed. It is a possibility, but the city has a lot of work to do in preparing a stadium for a potential new franchise and ownership. Who really knows what the future holds at this point.

On Sunday the Chargers responded in their last home game of the season, with a masterful performance. The team was inspired to play and you could see the intensity on the field from the Chargers. This is something they lacked as a unit all season long and its a shame that it took a meaningful game like this to come out and play with passion. Something is clearly a miss as the team fails to motivate itself constantly. The showing of dominance against the Miami Dolphins was just another example of how maddening it has been to follow the Bolts this season.

Philip Rivers, Eric Weddle, Antonio Gates and Malcom Floyd all came out after the game and signed autographs for the fans on the field. The players seem to sense something is going on. This whole situation is just complicated. Two games left in the season and then some very important dates in January. The future of this team is only weeks away from unfolding in front of our very eyes. Anything can truly happen and we should soon get an idea of the future of the San Diego Chargers.

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  1. It’s hard to believe they’d move to LA to be roomies with the Raiders. That’s a Chargers’ fan worst nightmare

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