Yankees and Padres Talking Trade for Miguel Andujar?

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There are multiple reports that the New York Yankees are in hot pursuit of free agent Manny Machado. If the Bronx Bombers were to sign Machado, there is a belief that Miguel Andujar would be made available. The San Diego Padres should be interested in the right-handed hitter.

With Manny Machado potentially wearing pinstripes next year, there could be some major changes in the Yankee’ lineup. The two sides are early in their negotiations, but there are several indications that the Yankees are indeed seriously pursuing Machado.

With Didi Gregorius sidelined to start the 2019 season, Machado could fill in admirably at short for the Bombers. Gregorius should return at some point and when he does there is the thought process that Machado would move to third base making young right-handed hitter Miguel Andujar expendable.

The 23-year-old Dominican seems on the verge of stardom, so this trade talk seems strange. Andujar put up a .855 OPS in 149 games last year as a rookie. He slugged 27 homers in 2018 and drove in 92 runs. The young baseball player is under team control for a long time and he is not going to make a lot of money either.

Trading Andujar is not a likely scenario, but the Bronx Bombers appear to be exploring all options in order to improve in 2019. If a team is willing to meet their asking price then they will surely pull the trigger. The Padres have some players that could be of interest to New York if the two sides sit down and discuss a trade. But they are not close to an agreement.

A Machado signing would soften the potential loss of Miguel Andujar, but there are no indications that Machado will sign with the Bombers for sure. At least not yet.

Below is a piece by Ken Rosenthal that explains what the Yankees might be thinking.

EVT reached out to Ken Rosenthal and this is what he told us about the Andujar rumors and if the Padres were possibly involved. “It’s more fantasy than reality. I don’t think it an actual “thing”. But it’s the kind of discussion that MIGHT take place if it hasn’t already.” Ken understands how A.J. Preller rolls. He leaves no stone unturned. The Padres do need a third baseman, so there is good reason to believe the two sides have talked to some degree.

He left the conversation with this. “I don’t think signing Machado is a must for the Yankees to trade Andujar.” The Yankees appear ready to dangle Miguel Andujar as a trade chip in any scenario. The teams biggest need seems to be starting pitching, despite the fact they traded for James Paxton this season. There are several question marks about the Yankee’ rotation, but sadly the Padres cannot offer much help in that area.

What would it take for Andujar?

The Padres surely have the prospects to get a deal done. If the Yankees are looking for youth, then that could very well be an option as the Padres currently have 10 men in the top 100 prospects in all of baseball. There are also many more on the cusp of reaching this honor. Prospects are nice, but that would not be the Yankees style. They would instead want a potential star with a far higher floor. Players that can help them now.

Wil Myers is an interesting option for the Bombers in a potential deal. The Yankees could use some first base help and that could very well be Myers best position on defense. Myers is due a hefty sum ($74 million for the next four years) but has the ability to be productive when healthy. In a role-playing situation, like he would find himself in New York, he might produce at an epic pace.

The Padres are also known to have interest in Sonny Gray who seems to have worn out his welcome in New York. Could the Padres manage obtaining Gray and Andujar for Myers and a hefty package of prospects and relevant major leaguers (I.E. Kirby Yates or Craig Stammen)? Multiple young Padres minor league pitchers would be enticing for New York, but the team isn’t really in need of young arms when they are trying to win a World Championship. Yates, Myers, and Stammen are nice fill-in type players, but it remains to be seen what the Yankees are looking for exactly.

Expect the Padres to push New York hard if Machado is signed. The Yankees would have the flexibility to move a third baseman and Anduar could very well be that man. The Padres will explore every option when it comes to upgrading at third base. There is still time to make a meaningful move despite the fact most fans have given up on the idea of the team trying to improve. In a slower moving winter, the Padres are still poised to possibly make a trade or two this offseason.

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8 thoughts on “Yankees and Padres Talking Trade for Miguel Andujar?

  1. If the Padres want Andujar and Gray, they should be ready to pony up Tatis and Gore. As well as the 2 relievers. Tatis is 3A this year, and Gore is in lower minors with a higher risk. This assumes Yanks sign Machado. A Padres fan might think this is outrageous, but you can bet that it is what Cashman will want and hold out for.

  2. I tell you Padre fans must think other baseball fans are stupid why would anyone want Will Myers, even the Padres dont want him. when I heard Preller offered him for Klubot I nearly died Laughing. you do realize that nobody wants that contract Right?

    The Andujar kid Id love to have, maybe needs to work on his fielding but boy can that kid Hit, the Padres have nothing that can get him..

  3. i understand why the padres want andujar but the yankees have to want to trade him and considering it came down to Syndergaard for realmuto for Andujar before we signed Ramos’ I cant see the Padres getting him for less than Gore, and Tatis, and the padres are rebuilding around them, personally i wouldnt give up syndergaard for that so why do the Yankees?and considering what I saw from andujar when we played them….he was their best hitter

  4. Agreed. If the Yankees want Myers it would be the GM of the year award.
    Andujars defense was sub par, but so was Adrian Beltre when he was the same age. He can improve the defense he’ll be a top player for us for a very long time

    1. Adrian Beltre’s defense at a similar age? Oh, he was just worth 24.1 runs on defense!!!

      Andujar was worth -15.5 defensive runs last year. That’s a 39.6 run difference.

      According to fangraphs’ runs per win, that’s a 4 WAR gap. For perspective Giancarlo Stanton was worth 4.2 WAR last season.

      So the difference between Beltre’s glove at 23, and Andujar’s glove at 23 is the same as the difference between a guy you pay $25M a year to and a rand-o has-been you call up to sit at the end of your bench.

      Andujar’s bat is good, but he’ll never match Beltre with his defense. Knowing what you’re talking about is not overrated.

  5. not a chance in hell this happens, yates was already a yankee and couldnt stick in their bullpen when they had him, the yankees have luke Voit at firstand he’s on a minimum salary and was better than the expensive myers, and if they sign Machado they could if they wished move andujar to first.

    the padres tried to acquire Andujar in july, and couldnt get him, I fail to see why the yankees would have any interest whatsoever in anything the padres have since none of their prospects as good as they are could replace the yankees current starting 9

    totally ridiculous proposal

  6. Nice article. The reason Andujar could be dealt is his defense. He was, by a pretty fair margin, the worst fielder in MLB last year. NY might simply be trading him because they will sign Machado and before everyone realizes what a butcher he was at 3B.
    There is no way the Yankees will want Myers. No way. He is not good enough. Maybe if SD pays a huge chunk of his salary it might be different, or takes Ellsbury as offset. But for value, not a chance.
    I think we need to stop thinking of Myers as a trade chip with any appeal to other clubs. Always injured, no real position, only middling when healthy, a non-winning attitude, and a big contract. We’ll be lucky to dump him.
    The most likely trade scenario might be Yates and Stammen, as you mentioned, plus prospects. This would allow them to fill their pen on the cheap, and start to refill the farm system pipeline.

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