Xolos Femenil 2018 Apertura: Xolos Take Down Pachuca To Gain Leadership Of Group 1

Credit: Liga MX Femenil

Credit: Liga MX Femenil

Tijuana, Mexico

The Xolos women’s team played their third game of the 2018 Apertura Liga MX Femenil season on Monday.

The Club Tijuana ladies hosted Pachuca at the Estadio Caliente in what was expected to be an exciting game between two teams that had been off to hot starts.

Andrea Rodebaugh switched up her lineup a bit and gave Karen Maprigat and Marisol Luna their first starts of the season. Both players did very well in the game, providing good work in the midfield and creating offensive plays in the attack.

Xolos Femenil always looked like the protagonist in the clash while Pachuca stayed back and was hoping to strike on a counter attack. The border city team played beautifully and connected passes perfectly to generate productive offensive plays.

Pachuca defended well, but Rosa Aguiar broke through in the 40th minute for the home team to score the goal that would lead to Xolos’ eventual victory. The goal came from a powerful shot from inside of the box by the 23-year-old to get past Alejandria Godinez.

Andrea Rodebaugh’s team really slowed the pace of the game and kept control in the second half to secure the three points. Las Tuzas never threatened Itzel Gonzalez’s net as the Mexican goalkeeper failed to break a sweat during the match.

The win was a fantastic one for Xolos Femenil that propelled the Club Tijuana ladies to first place in Group 1 of the Liga MX Femenil. The Xolos women’s team now has seven out of nine possible points this season and has been able to use its home-field advantage with two wins from two games at the Estadio Caliente.

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