Will you pay $100 to watch the Padres from home this year?

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Major League Baseball is a business.

It is an organization that is an absolute juggernaut, with over $11.6 million in profits in 2023.

In fact, ticket sales hit a record $3.8 billion in ticket revenue last season alone. That is a 15% increase from the 2022 season. MLB also reached record figures in sponsorship, media, and merchandise sales for the year. There is no end in sight either. They will likely eclipse those numbers for the 2024 season.

Baseball is more popular than ever as MLB transitions to a world sport. The Padres and Dodgers will open the season in a few weeks from Korea. There is no doubt that the game of baseball is growing beyond the United States and its surrounding Latin countries.

So, with the business as profitable as it has ever been in the 140 years-plus existence, it is only natural to tax the public more, right?

Well, that is exactly what is being done. In a sense.

With cable right deals falling apart left and right, MLB is now offering streaming services to franchises.

The San Diego Padres will be one of those teams for the coming season.

I'd like this amount to  

For $99.99, you may purchase the right to watch all 162 MLB games (minus the nationally televised games) for the Padres. Not a bad price if you figure the cost per contest. But most people watched the team for free last year with their cable or satellite provider. They have been watching the team for years that way. Now, they will be asked to pony up $100 for the season or $19.99 per month to watch the Padres.

Is that fair? No. Not really.

That is just the way of big business.

So, will you pay the $100 to stream games this year via MLB? Most will. Without thinking about it. People will pay the tax for something they know and love.

And the world goes round and round.

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