Which Padres’ Prospects are Untouchable & Which are Attainable?

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In recent weeks, it has become quite clear that San Diego Padres general manager A.J. Preller is poised to make some additions to the team.

The Eric Hosmer talk is still running wild, as the Padres continue to be linked to the prized free-agent. A signing of Hosmer would signify that the Padres are intending to compete sooner rather than later. Trying to compete and actually doing it are two different things, but a signing of Hosmer would surely energize the fan base.

By adding Eric Hosmer, the Padres would not have to dip into their farm system (they would lose a low first round/high second round pick though) and would only be required to spend money. Lots of it.

We will have to wait and see what A.J. Preller does. He has options. Anything can happen.

A possible scenario is that the team attempts to trade for viable major league talent now. Christian Yelich, anyone?

The following players are prospects who should not, and probably will not be made available by the team as trade talks progress this winter. We all know that A.J. Preller does not leave any stone untouched, so there is a strong likelihood of another deal or two before the spring.

The Untouchables

Fernando Tatis Jr.

There is no doubt that Tatis is the crown jewel in the Padre system presently. He has grown tremendously and continues to display the intangibles to be a very good player at the major league level. The Padres would never deal this young man. He will make his debut with the team soon and should, at the very least, be an average to above average major league regular. Padre fans are excited to see this young man in the near future.

Mackenzie Gore

If Tatis is considered the crown jewel, then you should consider it a dual-tiered headpiece. All indication are that Gore will be really special. He has four above average pitches. Count them. FOUR. His control is advanced for his age and he has a fluid motion with excellent deception. We all know about the leg kick. The Padres are set to roll with Gore for the long run. He has a great knowledge of how to pitch for a player of his age and that means that he could be a fast-riser through the system.

Credit: MiLB

Michel Baez

The Padres are pleasantly surprised with the 2017 season this man put forth. He was tremendous at the lower levels, but will be tested this year in Lake Elsinore and beyond. His high home run rate has some concerned, but he should be able to rectify that as he learns to pound the corners more effectively. Baez throws a lot of strikes and sometimes that leads to home runs. His fastball can be straight at times as well, but the Padres are surely not in any rush to move this young Cuban right handed pitcher.

Adrian Morejon

Most people do not mention this young man’s name when they speak of the Padres best prospects, but he could really take off in 2018. Morejon has advanced knowledge of how to pitch and teams that with excellent stuff. With three advanced pitches, he has all the makings to stick in the rotation. He is only 18 (19 next baseball season), and was successful in Fort Wayne last year, going 1-2 with a 4.23 ERA in six starts. Morejon could start the year in the Mid West League or he could start in Lake Elsinore. Either way, he is probably about as untouchable as they get for the Padres.

Gabriel Arias

A surprise addition to this list is this Venezuelan shortstop. International scouting director Chris Kemp told me in 2016 that Arias was something special. He was not wrong, as the 17-year-old has made quite the name for himself. He has advanced ability at short and could be a Gold Glove candidate there, but his hitting is what is getting most excited about his future. He has shown plus power and has great size in his legs and lower body to develop even more. He has struggled with plate recognition, but given his age, it is no big deal. Arias looks like the answer at short eventually for the Padres (but he has a long road still).

Luis Urias

I was very tempted to leave him off this list simply because the Padres have so much second base depth. Urias is an excellent player and its amazing that he is only 20 years old as he has seemingly been around forever. Urias hit .296 last year in Double-A, but his average dipped in August after sustaining an ankle injury. He would have easily hit above .300 if not for the fact he played through the injury. In the AFL, he played a very serviceable shortstop and there is still talk of him getting some time there in 2018. Urias will probably start the year in El Paso, but could be called up if the Padres are able to move some of their major league infield depth.


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5 thoughts on “Which Padres’ Prospects are Untouchable & Which are Attainable?

  1. Franchy should not be traded. His ceiling is too high. Sell Pinela or Renfoe. Put Pinela at 2B if his defense warrants it. Cordoro has loud tools. Platoon him with Pirela in LF. I believe in him. Would hate to see him develop and play against us. Do not trade this man!

  2. I honestly believe the system has enough depth for yelich without surrending gore, urias, tatis or qauntrill. I’m not entirely sold on morejon or Espinoza either. I think those 2 plus maybe ona, Gettys, Potts should get it done. Any of the highly rated Latin guys I think would be good for miami considering their demographic down in Miami.

  3. Due to depth in the farm I believe would shouldn’t give up anybody in our top 10. Hosmer seems best bet ( no prospects need) and yelich seems like a luxury ( top 10 prospect need).

  4. I would rather include Renfroe in a trade over Cordero, Franchy strikes out a lot like Renfroe but he is three years younger and has more skills than Renfroe, besides power. Franchy could be like a Yelich, and if they go after Yelich I’d rather have a Yelich, Margot, Cordero OF, than Yelich, Margot, Renfroe. I also agree with Dustin hopefully they would take a L.Allen or Quantrill instead of any of the untouchables you mentioned.

  5. If Miami insists on Tatis, Gore or Baez, the Padres should just hang up the phone. Three names that didn’t make either list but could intrigue the Marlins are Quantrill, Lauer and L. Allen. It would be great if the Padres could get Yelich for none of the guys on your “untouchable” list, but that seems a little far fetched.

    There is going to be/should be a long list of teams going after Yelich and it is going to take a very good offer to get him. The only way I see any team not having to give up top tier talent is if they take on Chen or Prado’s contract. It wouldn’t bother me at all to take on Chen’s contract to keep the prospect talent going back down. And lets be honest, Balsley has worked his magic with lesser talents than Chen. Chen may even be a decent trade piece when Balsley is done with him.

    Another angle, is now that Britton has been injured, Brad Hand’s stock has got to be at an all time high. The Padres could in theory, deal someone from your untouchable list, (not Tatis, Gore or Baez) and have them replaced by new untouchables from a Hand trade. Balsley is always able to cobble together a bullpen, so even by dealing Hand, he should be able to put out a decent pen.

    Brining in both Hosmer and Yelich would solve a couple of issues. Balancing the lineup and getting some leadership on the team for all of the young guys we hope to ascend to San Diego over the next few years. If nothing else, we Padre fans have lots to talk about this winter and it’s nice that the names we are talking about aren’t the dumpster dives we are used to hearing about. As usual, nice article James.

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