What Should Padres Do With Carlos Asuaje

Credit: USA TODAY Sports

Credit: USA Today Sports

With Yangervis Solarte going on the D.L. a couple of weeks ago, the San Diego Padres looked for someone to take his role at second base, and hopefully flourish. That someone turned out to be Carlos Asuaje.

The young infielder has been putting up solid numbers since the departure of Solarte, and being called up once again from El Paso. The 25-year-old is hitting .317 this year and has recorded two, three-hit games in just the past week. As of late, he is one of the better hitters on the team and is playing a solid second base to boot.

The question is, what do the Padres do with Asuaje once Solarte is ready to come off the D.L?

This question is one that cannot be simply answered right now. The truth is, nobody truly knows what will happen until the situation comes to reality. But, I will point out some options and hopefully create a clearer picture for what is in store for Carlos Asuaje.

The first option is to keep him up with the major league club and play him every once in a while. Some would say that not playing every day is bad for a young player’s development. Although I usually agree with that, but in Asuaje’s case, he will likely not progress much further than what his skill set is right now. Therefore not playing regularly most likely won’t hurt him.

If he ends up staying with the big league club he will take on a backup/super utility role that I believe will suit him perfectly. Carlos is very versatile, being able to play multiple positions including second base, third base, and left field.

An advantage to keeping Asuaje up in the majors is that he is said to be a very good locker room presence guy. As you know, that is existential in a young developing clubhouse. He can brighten up the locker room and bring joy and professionalism to the many young Padres who call Carlos their teammate.

Another option is that of sending Carlos back down to Triple-A El Paso. He has spent practically his entire Padre career in the city just miles away from Mexico. I’m sure he would be a bit frustrated, but this might be the way to go.

Asuaje would get the playing time some people would say he needs to grow into the player he aspires to be. He would also gain some confidence since he will be raking in the Pacific Coast League. Well… that’s the plan.

Sending Carlos Asuaje back down to El Paso isn’t that bad of an idea. It will free up any nervousness that Yangervis Solarte may have. He doesn’t want to be always looking over his shoulder to make sure nobody is taking his spot. Although maybe he likes a bit of competition. That should be interesting to see if the Padres elect to take that route.

Another option that I seriously doubt will happen is that the Padres trade Asuaje at the deadline.

There is no doubt in virtually anyone’s mind that the Padres are going to make quite a few trades between now and July 31. But, nobody thinks A.J. Preller would deal Carlos Asuaje during that time. However, you never know with Preller, and if Carlos seems like he could be a valuable piece for some clubs that need some infield depth, he will be dealt.

Carlos Asuaje could be at his highest trade value right now and A.J. Preller might utilize that. It will be interesting to see if this theory comes true. (It won’t)

As you can see, the San Diego Padres’ front office is faced with a tough dilemma. Something has to give. There are a few options that they could choose, and like most of you, I trust what the front office decides. I will wholeheartedly live with their decision.

The next few weeks should be very interesting. Buckle up!

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