Padres Editorial: The Friars Fun Factor in 2016

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Credit: AP Photo
Credit: AP Photo

Baseball is back! Finally the wait is over. Spring Training games are underway. Who’s excited for Opening Day?

I know I am… or wait am I?

I don’t know as I have mixed feelings like a lot of San Diego Padres fans. First off what can Padres fans be excited about in Spring Training?

I’m exited to see what Manuel Margot can do, what Jabari Blash (who has looked good in camp so far) can do. I’m excited to see if the man who threw a perfect game, Phillip Humber can make a comeback.

Let’s just face it, this season is not going to be good. We could possibly even finish dead last in the division behind the Rockies and their stacked offense. I’m really excited for the All Star Game, I mean honestly who isn’t?

However what else is there to look forward to this year besides the mid summer classic? Will the Padres have an indifferent campaign from 2015? Probably not, but the players can at least try to make it fun.

Why can’t Matt Kemp hit 30 bombs? Why can’t Tyson Ross start the MLB All Star Game? That’s not enough to make you want to be interested in the Padres this season? Let’s make it even more fun!

Why haven’t we signed Tim Lincecum yet? Lets go for it, everyone loves Big Time Timmy Jim. Just think of the irony if “The Freak” were to throw the first no-no in Friars history. I wouldn’t even mind if the Padres had the worst record in the MLB if that were to happen.Now these are all hypothetical situations which would be awesome but we can’t say are going to happen for sure. Let’s get into the “for sure” things. The Fernando Rodney acquisition alone adds a ton of personality to the team. Who doesn’t want to see Rodney close out games and finish with his signature archer move.

Credit: KC Alfred
Credit: KC Alfred

There are other games and series to look forward to this season besides All Star Weekend. Just before July 4th the New York Yankees make a stop in San Diego from July 1st to July 3rd. If you are not fond of the Yankees their hated rivals the Red Sox also make an appearance this year, Sept. 5th to 7th. The Bronx Bombers and The BoSox in the same season! What is this?

Another series which I am looking forward to is the Miami Marlins from June 13th to 15th. Apart from seeing Giancarlo Stanton which is always a plus, Barry Bonds and Mark McGwire will be in the same stadium. The two biggest names of the Steroid era both at Petco Park, who isn’t looking forward to that lineup exchange, you know it’s coming.

The 2016 season will most likely not be the Padres season but try to make it fun for yourself, there’s plenty to look forward to. Instead of looking at 2016 as “the rebuilding year” look at it as the year where you get The All Star Game, The Yankees, The Red Sox and a lot more.

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