Padres’ Travis Jankowski is an Attractive Trade Piece

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It has been confirmed by San Diego Padres’ manager Andy Green that the team has been contacted by other organizations about the availability of Travis Jankowski. That really comes as no surprise.

With Manuel Margot entrenched at the center field position for the future, it makes sense that the Padres would entertain offers for the speedy outfielder. His value is at a premium, especially after the haul the White Sox just got for Adam Eaton. Janowski isn’t quite yet of Eaton’s ilk, but he is cut out of that same speed/on base/defensive cloth that made Eaton so valuable.

The Padres’ general manager is going to explore every option to improve the team and no stone will be left unturned.

The team must deal from their strengths, and outfield just happens to be one of them. Margot and Hunter Renfroe should rightfully be given a huge amount of playing time as each are the future of the franchise. The team has Alex Dickerson and Jabari Blash, as well as Jankowski, for the remaining spot in the outfield, so Jankowski could be deemed expendable if a team matches the Padres’ asking price. The Padres could also explore bringing in a veteran before the spring. There are options in the outfield for this team.

Two teams in particular stick out as possible suitors for Jankowski. The Tampa Bay Rays and Texas Rangers make sense. Each have reportedly contacted the Padres, and each have value that the Padres are currently looking for. Both the Rays and Rangers have players the Padres could use, but each team will likely require a larger deal to complete a trade that benefits both sides.

The Rays have a need for a corner outfielder and would love to team Jankowski with Kevin Kiermaier, who has outstanding range. The Padres would enjoy landing one of the Rays starting pitchers that they are currently shopping. However Chris Archer, Jake Odorizzi, Alex Cobb, and Drew Smyly are not cheap, and each will likely cost the Padres more than Jankowski by himself. That is where a potential multi-player deal is possible. Brad Hand or Ryan Buchter could also interest the Rays as they look for bullpen help. There are options between these two teams who have worked together in the past.

The Texas Rangers recently signed Carlos Gomez to a one-year deal, but reports are they are still looking for a center fielder. Gomez is traditionally a center fielder, but perhaps the Rangers want some depth and insurance for the veteran. Jankowski could give the Rangers a table setter at the leadoff position or in the ninth spot in the lineup. The Rangers also need relief pitchers and could have serious interest in Ryan Buchter, Brad Hand, and Brandon Maurer.

The Rangers have a plethora of talent throughout the minor leagues, but a couple of former top prospects might be of real interest to the Padres. Joey Gallo and Jurickson Profar fit the exact mold of what the Padres need. A shortstop at the top of the order would be outstanding for the Friars. Profar has long been of interest to A.J. Preller and the Padres, but health had clouded his future. He appears to be fine after an impressive year last season where he recorded a .239/.321/.338 batting line with five homes and 20 RBI in 272 at bats with the Rangers. The impressive part was that he remained healthy and played defense for the club, testing his surgically repaired shoulder. The 23-year-old switch hitter could be really special, but he would not be cheap by any means.

Credit: Getty Images
Credit: Getty Images

Joey Gallo has unreal power, but the Rangers seem to be unsure about his future. They have failed to give him constant at bats and you have to wonder if they question his overall floor. He is 23 and also could be really special as a player. He needs at bats though, and the Rangers currently can’t give him that, with Adrian Beltre locked at third base. He hit 25 homers last year in 359 Triple-A at bats, but also struck out 150 times. Having him hit in between Renfroe and Myers would be exciting for fans. They would all strikeout 125 plus times in a season, but it would still be fun to watch.

Both these two are hefty-priced prospects who are major league ready. Travis Jankowski will not even come close to getting the job done. Packaging him with bullpen arms helps, but the Padres would need to help the Rangers with some salary relief in some way. Shin-Soo Choo is owed $82 million over the next four seasons. The Rangers are clearly not happy about that fact. How much would the Padres have to pay of Choo’s salary for the team to trade for him and Profar and Gallo? The Padres could give Jankowski, Buchter, or Hand, plus a couple of decent prospects for the package. The Rangers could get salary relief now to make a run at a free agent bat, and they would not have to trade anyone they are counting on for the 2017 season. Gallo and Profar are studs, but taking on Choo and his salary might be a way to get them at a decent asking price. The question is, how much do the Padres want to invest in a 34-year-old outfielder who is coming off an injury year? It might be a scary thought, but A.J. thinks outside the box.

No fuel at all to this rumor, I’m just spitballing. The Padres have been eerily quiet so I have to do something to entertain myself. One thing you can be certain of; the man at the helm is surely exploring all options with this team. Even the crazy ones. Trading Jankowski could be an option, but Preller will only do it when the deal makes sense.

5 thoughts on “Padres’ Travis Jankowski is an Attractive Trade Piece

  1. The only issue I see with dealing Jankowski now is, if he continues to progress and becomes more of an Adam Eaton with less power, but more steals, he will be immensely valuable. I think the Nats overpaid for Eaton, but if the Padres could get a haul even close to that for Jankowski at next years deadline would be amazing! I cringe at the thought of a Jankowski for Alberto trade. Plus, with the young pitchers the Padres are most likely going to run out to the mound next year, having an outfield of Jankowski, Margot and Renfroe cruising around would be nice.

    I guess what I’m saying is, unless the Padres can package Jankowski with some others on the current roster, (don’t trade any decent prospects please) and get some really good young players back, I would rather they keep him. The Padres have finally bought in on a true rebuild, don’t start jumping the gun to bring on a SS for this year. I would actually be OK with them finishing last and getting the #1 pick next year, it can only help in the long run.

  2. Forgot Naylor.
    The trade I think may work-
    Jankowski, Naylor, Hand, Nix, Reed, Cosme maybe even a Ruddy Huron or Gabriel Arias?

    1. The Padres do not need to be trading that many of their prospects for other prospects that have had a rough time due to injuries and K’s. Stay the course AJ.

  3. I would like this trade as long as the Padres don’t get rid of guys like Quantrill, Lauer, Paddack. I would be ok with adding a Naylor maybe since Myers is probably locked in at 1st, and maybe some of the lesser teir pitchers like a Nix or Smith? Plus Jankowski, Hand/Buchter, Nix, maybe Buddy Reed, Cosme?

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