Tijuana Xolos women’s team on verge of historic season after 2-0 win vs. first-place Monterrey

Tijuana Xolos Femenil 2023 Monterrey Rayadas Ady Willett

Credit: Jeremy Collins/EVT Sports

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Tijuana Xolos Femenil 2023
Credit: Jeremy Collins/EVT Sports

The Xolos women’s soccer team, Xolos Femenil, has been having a fantastic season and is on the verge of a historic first-ever semifinal berth in Liga MX Femenil.

Las Xolas made the playoffs in dramatic fashion, as they needed to defeat Chivas Femenil in the final Liga MX Femenil regular season matchday of the season on May 12.

The game was scoreless up until the final seconds of the encounter when Daniela Espinosa scored the winning goal for the border city team that, caused extreme euphoria around the Estadio Caliente. The goal did not just mean the win, but it meant an opportunity for greatness that the team has now put on display in the quarterfinals of the competition.

Xolos Femenil is a team that consistently makes the playoffs in the Liga MX women’s top-tier league, but it is also a team that is consistently sent home after the first stage of the playoffs. The Club Tijuana ladies had a very tough task in the quarterfinals up against top-seeded Rayadas. Monterrey had a ridiculously good regular season, finishing the campaign with 12 wins, three draws and just two losses, along with 46 goals scored and just 15 goals conceded.

The Estadio Caliente has always provided an advantage to the home team with its artificial turf that can be tough for the visitors. Xolos Femenil made the most of the home-field advantage in the first leg of this quarterfinal matchup and were able to accomplish a major upset, defeating Monterrey 2-0 on Friday night.

The first goal of the night came from one of the American Club Tijuana players in, fan-favorite Angelina Hix, who has even been stopped by Tijuana police to be asked for a picture. The goal came from a wonderful play, as Paola Villamizar sent a perfect cross to Hix, who finished the scoring chance with a perfectly-located shot to the left side of the net.

Another one of the American, Xolas, scored the second goal of the night for Las Perrisimas, as Adyson Willett made her mark in the 43rd minute. Paola Villamizar provided her second assist of the night as she executed the corner that led to Ady’s goal. The goal was initially under review by VAR, but there was nothing wrong on the play, as the stadium burst in cheers and joy.

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Xolos Femenil’s goalkeeper Alejandra Gutierrez was tested a few times in the clash and in the final minutes of the game. In the 80th minute, Gutierrez crashed into the post after trying to save a shot from long range and then went on to get right back up and save a header by Monterrey’s Chinwendu Ihezuo.

The result was an incredibly huge upset, but the quarterfinal series is not over, as Las Perrisimas face Rayadas for the second leg of this matchup on Monday, May 22. Monterrey is one of the toughest venues in Liga MX Femenil, but the 2-0 advantage is significant if Alejandra Gutierrez and Tijuana’s backline can continue to perform like they have.

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