Tijuana Xolos: Eduardo Coudet Thinks “The Team Is Growing”

Credit: Xolos

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Credit: Xolos


The Tijuana Xolos have one win, three draws, and three losses in all competitive games under Eduardo Coudet.

In the Liga MX, the border city side only has one point, but the Aztec Canines have achieved favorable results in the Copa MX, with five points from three games. Despite the results, the team still has not looked impressive at all, but Eduardo Coudet thinks otherwise. Los Xolos are coming off a 1-1 draw against Puebla in the Copa MX. There were very few scoring opportunities from both teams during the game and no one really stood out from Club Tijuana.

In his post-match news conference after the 1-1 draw in Puebla, “Chacho” Coudet said that “the team is growing”.

In the Argentine’s eyes, the Xolos have been improving even if it appears as if the Aztec Canines have made very little to no progress. Coudet also said, “You can better see the plan and style of play we want. The players feel better every time, with more confidence, and that’s a good thing.” The South American boss also talked more in-depth of the positives he has seen. Coudet said “They try to play consistently, creating scoring chances. We need some luck, but we are growing.” Coudet’s comments are very controversial as it is more than evident that Club Tijuana need something much more than luck.

The border city team does try to create scoring chances, but fails consistently to even create anything going forward. It is obvious that the team has played much better in these last three games away from home, but that is in large part due to the lack of quality in its opponents.

The Xolos had three consecutive 1-1 draws against Atlante and Puebla. Atlante, a team from the Ascenso MX, the second-tier league in Mexican soccer and Puebla, is arguably the weakest team in the Liga MX. Before this road trip, the Xolos had a humiliating 3-0 loss against Monterrey at home, and Coudet did say that he did not like what he was seeing from his team after that match. Now Coudet says that there are signs of progress, but this is just an illusion.

Monterrey is currently considered a title favorite in the Liga MX, and on this road trip Club Tijuana only played very weak teams. The Xoloitzcuintles played better, but there was not much progress as three wins were expected from these three games, but instead the Xolos came back with three draws. The team is still heavily underperforming, and the upcoming Liga MX game this Friday against Santos Laguna should be a good gauge to truly see if Coudet’s Xolos have made any progress.

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