Tijuana Xolos: Eduardo Coudet Should Look for a New Full-Back

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Credit: Liga MX

A new era has begun in Tijuana with Eduardo Coudet in charge of the Xolos.

A different playing style than that of Miguel Herrera will be played in the border city.

The Argentine manager has been described as aggressive and offensive in his playing style, like many of his countrymen. This means that the Xolos will need to be revamped to play this style of soccer with a few new signings. “El Chacho” has already brought in a few players from within the Liga MX and is set to bring in a few more from Argentina.

So far, Coudet has made several signings to strengthen the offense, but has neglected the defense.

The Xolos’ back line was solid in the Clausura 2017 and does not need many modifications, especially with Emmanuel Aguilera returning from an injury.

One position that could be modified to fit Coudet’s style better is the right-back slot. Michael Orozco was the player that took over that spot for most of the Clausura 2017 and he did do a solid job in that position.

The problem is that the American defender does not have great offensive capabilities that fit Coudet’s style of play. The biggest problem is Orozco’s pace, which proved to be a liability at times throughout last season and can be a huge problem if Coudet wants Orozco to push forward more in this upcoming season.

The other player that filled that role in the Clausura 2017 was Juan Carlos Nunez, who is clearly on the decline and is also a risky option for that role. “El Chacho” can no longer sign anyone from the Liga MX to fill that spot, but there are still several players in South America that can fit the bill.

One player that quickly comes to mind is Victor Salazar of the Argentine club, Rosario Central. This is a realistic signing as “Chacho” managed Salazar at Rosario Central and he definitely has the capabilities to play Coudet’s upbeat style of play. Salazar would be a great fit and he would likely get along well in Tijuana with several other countrymen on the squad and Eduardo Coudet at the helm. There are several other players in Argentina who could also fill this role and it would be wise for the new Xolos’ manager to find a right-back who fits his style of play.

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