Tijuana Xolos Copa MX AP 2018 Week 6 Recap: Xolos’ Finishing Problems Continue Against Toluca

Credit: Liga MX

Credit: Liga MX

Toluca, Mexico

This Wednesday, Sept. 5., the Tijuana Xolos played their final game in the group stage of the 2018 Apertura edition of the Copa MX.

The game was set to be a tough game away from home, but a very manageable one against a Toluca team that was struggling massively in this tournament.

The Border City Dogs did already have a spot secured in the knockout stage, but a win would have secured a higher seed, which would have meant more home games. However, the Xolos failed to win and delivered a disappointing performance at the Estadio Nemesio Diez.

The lone goal in the encounter came in the 26th minute of the first half as young centre-back Adrian Mora connected on a header to surpass Luis Michel and make it a 1-0 scoreline in favor of the home team. The goal was also the result of very poor marking on the corner and would surprisingly end up giving Toluca the win.

The Border City Dogs would have several scoring opportunities, but would not find a way to surpass Luis Garcia. The Mexican goalkeeper was in top form and saved every ball that came his way during the 90 minutes of play.

The Xolos would also squander several chances with off-target shots and ridiculous punts over the net. Juan Martin Lucero and Fabian Castillo specifically had several opportunities that should have ended in goals for the border city side.

The result was very disappointing, ending the Aztec Canines’ unbeaten run in the Copa MX. For now, Club Tijuana is set to face Cruz Azul in the round of 16 at the Estadio Caliente, but that can change with the pending game between Atlas and Zacatepec.

Xolos Starting Lineup: Luis Michel, Luis Martinez (80’ Alejandro Guido), Juan Carlos Valenzuela, Gustavo Canto, Osciel De La Cruz, Ignacio Rivero, Diego Gonzalez, Diego Rodriguez, Fabian Castillo, Rubio Rubin (66’ Antonio Nava), Juan Martin Lucero (61’ Erick Torres)

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