Tijuana Xolos Copa MX 2020 Recap: Xolos take first-leg vs San Luis in Round of 16

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Credit: Xolos

San Luis Potosi, Mexico

The Tijuana Xolos played the first-leg of their Copa MX round of 16 match against San Luis at the Estadio Alfonso Lastras this Tuesday. The Xoloiztcuintles were due for a tough matchup against Los Rojiblancos away from home but came out of it with a solid 1-0 win.

Manager Gustavo Quinteros used an alternate lineup for the clash with a lot of fresh faces in the starting 11. This included some players that were just brought in this season like Brayan Angulo, Christian Rivera, and Alexis Castro. Some younger players like 19-year-old Tijuana native Luis Gamiz also received the start in San Luis.

Guillermo Vazquez also used an alternate lineup for San Luis with a few key players like Ian Gonzalez in it. The match was a hard-fought encounter as neither team did much in the first half of the clash.

The game was lackluster with not a lot of action in it as it was still scoreless at the Alfonso Lastras by the 80th minute. Gustavo Quinteros made some changes before then as Ignacio Rivero, Emilio Sanchez, and Victor Guzman all came on in the game.

Emilio Sanchez ended making the difference as the Mexican midfielder fired a shot from inside of the penalty area that found the back of the net. A lot was going on in the play with several players from both teams inside of the penalty area at the time of the goal.

That goal ended up being the decisive play of the match as Club Tijuana came away with the 1-0 win away from home. While the win was good, this series is far from over as the Border City Dogs will host San Luis for the second-leg this next Tuesday, Jan.28.

Xolos’ lineup:¬†Carlos Higuera, Omar Mendoza, Victor Torres, Jordan Silva (75′ Victor Guzman), Bryan Colula, Christian Rivera (68′ Ignacio Rivero), Luis Gamiz, Alexis Castro(74′ Emilio Sanchez), Cesar Falletti, Angel Sepulveda, Bryan Angulo

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