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Credit: SDSU Football Podcast

Episode 27 of The SDSU Football Podcast is out!

East Village Times staff writers Andre Haghverdian and Paul Garrison are here to talk about the latest in SDSU Aztecs Football.

The guys discuss the following in this episode:

  • Interview with SDSU Class of 2023 Commit RB/WR Tyson Berry (1:09)
  • Interview with SDSU Class of 2023 Commit S Marcus Ratcliffe (23:31)
  • Key takeaways from the interviews (42:03)
  • Discussion of potential conference realignment and where SDSU could fit in (46:42)

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We hope that you enjoy this episode of The SDSU Football Podcast.

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You can also follow Andre, @ahaghver23, and Paul, @padredecuatro to see all of their content.

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