The San Diego Padres Select Joshua Mears With Second-Round Pick

Credit: Dee Torres

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Credit: MLB

Joshua Mears has been drafted by the San Diego Padres with the #48 selection in the MLB Draft.

After selecting C.J. Abrams with the team’s first-round selection, the Padres went in another direction by drafting Joshua Mears with their next pick.

He will add to a stacked system and provide the Padres with more offensive depth.

Mears has plus power in his right-handed bat. The 6-foot-3 outfielder also has a plus arm on the field. He is described as being very raw with his hitting abilities. There is a high reward with him, but there is some risk as well. He was committed to Purdue, but will likely sign with the Padres as they took him very high in the draft.

Abrams gives the Padres a potential center fielder and leadoff type player. He will have a chance to advance quickly, and there is no reason not to believe that Mears will also be promoted swiftly through the system. Both are teenagers and high school players, but they each have been described having plus baseball IQ’s.

Mears is a very quiet kid, but the Washington State high school player is very motivated.

Here is some video on the young baseball player.

The Padres will pick again with the #73 selection in the draft. Stay tuned as we will keep your up to date when the selection comes in.

5 thoughts on “The San Diego Padres Select Joshua Mears With Second-Round Pick

  1. The kid has raw talent and can become a great player with lots of power and a great attitude. Congratulations Josh. Coach King.

  2. This and the Driscoll pick seem like a bit of a stretch. Do Preller and Co. have something up their sleeve for their pick in round 3 (Matthew Allan)?

    1. Actually, Tom Telesco made this pick. The kid was rated #118th on, yet he is taken with the #48th pick? Preller can be bad, but only TT could make this head scratcher.

      1. Wow, I just noticed that Driscoll was rated #194th!!!!! But was selected with the #73rd pick? A lot of quality players were passed over. Yikes!

        1. All that means is the scouting dept values them higher than guys. Do you trust a website, or our whole back office?

          Just like the Marlins valued paddack less, CWS Tatis less, Luchessi didn’t go till a few rounds in. Gotta trust the team.

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