The Release of Alexei Ramirez is Troubling

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When speaking about the San Diego Padres and their reputation, lets just say that it is not a favorable one. It is no coincidence that players that formerly played for the team, absolutely tear it up against the Padres. That is not just a fluke occurrence. That is a fact.

The management over the years has made moves that leave fans and players scratching their heads. The reputation has gotten so bad that potential free agent targets are hesitant to call San Diego a long-term home. Rightfully so as you never know in what direction the team is going. In recent years with the A.J. Preller and Ron Fowler led era, the Padres have seemed to learned their lesson and become more conscious of their moves. They have become more consistent in their baseball philosophies.

However the release of Alexei Ramirez the day after he made an appearance in right field is troubling to me. Not that Ramirez has anything left in the tank and not that he was a vital member of the team. The fact that makes me weary is the fact he was released four days after the August Waiver/Trade Deadline. The team and more specifically Andy Green spoke about Ramirez hopefully getting another chance to catch on somewhere. That will not happen now as no contending team will want him for a couple of weeks if he can’t be on their playoff roster.

Is that a way to treat a veteran player? Is that a way to treat a player you signed to a contract. One thing is releasing him, but do it in a manner that is dignified. Perhaps I am making too much fuss about this, but if the team wants to be viewed as a class organization things like this need to stop. Ramirez showed character by making a start in the outfield for the team even though he was clearly not comfortable there. That say a lot about him as a ballplayer. To be rewarded with your release the next day is troubling to say the least.

What would be the issue with letting him finish the year out on the bench for the Padres? The rosters have expended now. Roster space is not limited. This move makes me really scratch my head. If you think players around the league are not taking note of this, then you are wrong. Players have every right to be upset and there will be some that question the Padres player ethics. I am not sure who forced this release, but I’d like to think Andy Green being a former player was against it. With all the youth coming up this month, the team needs veterans in the clubhouse to show them how to play the game. Who knows. Perhaps the team felt he wasn’t good in the clubhouse. Still, the move looks very suspect.

Jedd Gyorko, Yasmani Grandal, Adrian Gonzalez… the list goes on and on of former Padres players coming back to haunt their team as they feel they were mistreated by the organization. The team needs to stop burning bridges and treat fans and players with more respect. Fans boo these players which drives me nuts. These guys wanted to play here. They wanted to have a great career here. They did not choose to leave, they were ushered out in one way or another.

The team is currently rebuilding. That is not a bad thing, but to get anyone from the front office to admit that is impossible. Stop playing games and be honest. The knowledgeable fans understand what you are attempting to do, but you provide fuel for the naysayers by being secretive and trying to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes. Alexei Ramirez was not in the teams plans for the future. They probably realized that months ago. He should have been released prior to the August deadline as soon as Luis Sardinas was claimed off waivers. That would have been the respectful thing to do a 9-year veteran of the league.

4 thoughts on “The Release of Alexei Ramirez is Troubling

  1. By most statistical measures, Ramirez was the worst defensive shortstop in MLB. He was also terrible at the plate. I also see zero evidence that Ramirez was a positive force in the clubhouse (nobody would ever confuse him with Jon Jay, who the Padres are trying to hold onto). In short, he was complete failure as a Padres player. It’s nice he showed up to work every day, and it’s nice that he played in the outfield a few times, but he got paid $4 million for his efforts, so it’s not like he was doing us a huge favor. They could had a double-A guy like Rondon play for a fraction of his salary, and gotten a similar level of play.

    Don’t lump this guy in with Gyorko, Grandal, and Gonzalez. He’s not the same thing.

    1. There is no way am I comparing him to those talented players, not did I say he was a viable member of the team… the point was… you do not treat a 9-year vet like that. He was garbage. Fine. Then release him last week when he had a chance to catch on a team for the rest of the year. I don’t know. Perhaps there was something that was not made public. I have no idea.

  2. I completely agree. Ive been a Pads fan since I was7 and it was the name of my first little league team. Also growing up in Vegas we had their AAA team for years as a little kid I got to see Benny Santiago Kruk and fan fav Bruce Bochy. I knew A Gone was gonna be traded to the red sox the moment Prellers predecessor ( name escapes me) came over from the sox. It was the worst kept secret in baseball and what did they do with Rizzo? Trade him to the Cubs for Cashner who even with the Cubs didn’t show much progress. I already had a Rizzo jersey made all ready to go for when he was going to be our star player. Now he is killing it. I dont even want to talk about swapping Trea Turner for Kimbrel and BJ freakin Upton. That had me at my threshold. Then when the Wil Myers rumors started this May I swore if they traded him I was walking away and becomming a Mariners fan. The Padres have everything to be a dominant team in their favor. Amazing place to call home? Check. Amazing ball park? Check. Billion dollar local t.v. contract? Check. Now they just need new ownership and to take the keys to the house away from Preller. He acted like a 16 year old who got the keys to daddy’s sports car and crashed it into a freakin tree. I just wish there was some good news for the future. Can’t count on the top prospects we currently have to work out or not get traded for BJ flippin Upton and crush it with a different team like Rizzo and Turner. Right now I’m scared that they will sell the farm for a single star player like they did for Joe Carter in 1990 only to trade im and Robby Alomar to Toronto a year later and then the Jays went back 2 back. Ive got to stop now or I’ll have a stroke.

  3. San Diego is a great place to live. It also has the WORST ownership of sports teams in history. Both the Chargers and Padres are cheap. Players leave with anger and anoimisty toward management. Great city horrible sports teams. Terrible owners

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