The Future is Now for the San Diego Padres

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We have heard for a few years about the San Diego Padres and the fact that they are a team on the rise. The hot talent lava was also said to be well on its way. Well, the lava has arrived and the future is now for the San Diego Padres.

For 50 seasons, there has been a hope in San Diego surrounding the month of February and March.

A feeling, though mostly unrealistic, that the hometown Padres can represent the city on a national stage and hoist a championship trophy. Though the team has come close on two separate occasions, they have failed to accomplish their ultimate goal which has left the city unfulfilled.

The 1984 and 1998 teams brought the city of San Diego together like no other time ever witnessed. The 1994 Chargers season was magical, but the build-up and celebration were short-lived for the city. In baseball, due to the longer season, the savor of a winning team lasts longer in the fans’ taste buds. That glorious feeling lasted for weeks and weeks during those spectacular years and it is a shame that young Padres fans have never felt this joy.

With the San Diego Padres the only major sports franchise in town, the pressure is surely on them to represent and do it in a meaningful way. They cannot be half-hearted in their attempt towards relevancy. The fan base is tired of broken promises and bad public relations. They demand a team they can be proud of.

Padres pride is close to being achieved. Though some in the fan base still possess a negative general outlook, the overall sentiment of the fan base is that of excitement for the season to begin. Signing a once in a generation type talent like Manny Machado has already gone a long ways towards mending fences with a heartbroken fan base.

If you look around the city of San Diego currently, the average fan is starting to take note of this team. The more educated in the fan base have slowly built enthusiasm for their Friars over the past few seasons, but the average San Diegan is now starting to become excited. I am referring to the normal fan, the fan who rarely pays attention to the team outside of their rankings in the NL West. These same fans have cried for a relevant player. A player that is recognized by the national media. The San Diego Padres have that now. Manny Machado brings instant credibility to the Padres and their baseball franchise.

With a number one farm system in all the land and a 26-year old superstar on the team, the Padres are poised like no other time in their existence to be a very real player in Major League Baseball. There is still a long road ahead for this team. There still must be growth with the young players and the coaching staff must do their job in cultivating talented players. With an excess of prospects, one does figure that the Padres should have no issues producing relevant major league players continually.

The future is now San Diego. Enjoy this. You now have a Padres team you can be proud of.

1 thought on “The Future is Now for the San Diego Padres

  1. Great signing. The team should follow it up by adding to the rotation and trading at least 1 OF for value. The collective bargaining tax payroll sits at about $124 mil, which means the club should be able to take on another $25-35 mil to push forward the window of contention.
    SD should be open to dealing Myers in a bad contract swap or Renfroe plus prospects for a proven starter.

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