The City of San Diego is Falling in Love With Eric Hosmer

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Credit: Padres Twitter

The San Diego Padres have found their man. And with that, the city of San Diego has found their man.

His name is Eric Hosmer, and from day one, he spoke about bringing credibility to the city of San Diego and its sports scene.

That speaks volumes towards the type of person he is, and despite the criticism of his play (analytically speaking), he could very well be worth the extraordinary paycheck the Padres are paying him for potentially the next eight years. To speak of the need of the city on his very first day, in his first words wearing a Padres’ uniform, is a breath of fresh air to the fan base.

With youth surrounding the entire franchise, there is a need for a calm influence. Perhaps not “calm” as the way Wil Myers plays the game of baseball, but a player who stays even-keeled, while at the same time bringing intensity. A type of mentor that can be there for the young players while displaying efforts on the field that they can admire and emulate.

When speaking about Eric Hosmer, every single person you talk to in the game of baseball gushes about his qualities in the locker room. They tell you about why he is classified as a winner and how he does the little things that cannot be recognized on a stat sheet. Controlling the clubhouse and keeping players in check can be a manager’s job, but if he has veterans who do it for him, then Green can easily concentrate on a more advantageous topic, like game strategy. Andy Green is surely happy right now.

With Hosmer keeping the position players in order and Clayton Richard and Brad Hand handling their respective areas, Andy Green can grow into the manager that everyone wants him to be. The young skipper can freely explore some experimental ideologies that could help benefit the Padres in the long run.

The city of San Diego is falling in love with Eric Hosmer, as he brings a blue-collar work ethic to his laid back attitude. If you ask most fans, they are uptight about Wil Myers and his lack of enthusiasm for the game. Critics of Myers will always point out his simple way of approaching the game of baseball. While Myers will not bring huge intensity to the team, he should provide more than adequate offense and could flourish as a player now that the spotlight is not on him.

With the professional football team that remains nameless (to me) now gone, the sole major professional sports team is the San Diego Padres. While football players have arguably been more marketable in the area, it is time to embrace the sport of baseball and educate the San Diegans who do not currently have passion for the sport. Eric Hosmer can be that bridge, as he has traditionally been very active in the community. Team his passion for the area with his winning smile and dashing personality, and you have a poster boy for the city’s sports scene. Things will get better for San Diego as a sports city. They have to. We are probably currently at rock bottom.

Eric Hosmer will never reach the legendary status of Tony Gwynn, Jerry Coleman, or even Trevor Hoffman, but he easily can etch his mark in Padres’ history and help guide this franchise into relevancy. At the age of 28, and with a possible eight-year relationship in the city of San Diego, Eric Hosmer will have plenty of time to take on the challenge. This mission is not only for the Friars, but for the citizens of the city we all call home. It will be an uphill climb, there is no sugar-coating that. But Eric Hosmer could be a driving force for the city, and that is why the city of San Diego is falling in love with him.

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