The AAF and San Diego Fleet Provide Opportunities

Credit: SD Fleet

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Credit: SD Fleet

If you are a San Diegan and still uncomfortable watching the NFL because of what the Spanos’ family did to the Chargers, then perhaps the newly formed AAF (Alliance of American Football) is for you.

This league is not powered by greed. Instead, it is driven by opportunity.

In the sports world we presently live, motivation and money is a key factor for success. More often than not players can become comfortable in their craft and the livelihood they have created for their family. The reality is that if you perform well on the field, then generations of your family are rewarded financially. To some that is the ultimate goal.

The comfort of signing a long-term deal can make some soft in the sports world. In the AAF, you will get no “softness” from the players. Men are trying to get to the next level, which is the National Football League. Some have already tasted a little bit of that NFL life. Each and every AAF game you will get an optimal effort from your players. They will lay it all on the line. Roughly 81 percent of the league has played for an NFL team in some regards. The talent is there.

For their efforts in the AAF, some will earn an NFL job or at the least a tryout. Perhaps as soon as this summer. This league will serve as a gateway for some men to potentially decent NFL careers. This is a good thing. Hard work and dedication to your craft should be rewarded. The National Football League should be commended for helping promote and develop this brand new league.

The NFL and the scouting process is not perfect. It is difficult to evaluate every player. Some just work better in a system made for their strengths. The AAF will showcase several players to NFL teams. Players who would have never been given another opportunity. They are playing at a high level in the AAF and attempting to grasp the concepts of advanced football play calling. Scouts will see plenty of men excel in the league and it all comes down to a passion for the game.

The San Diego Fleet are new in town. The idea of minor league football is not appealing to most off the bat. I get it. But if you give the team time and learn the players, then you will see that the play on the field is certainly close to that of NFL level. This Sunday, watch as SDCCU Stadium once again hosts a professional football team. A team from San Diego. Your San Diego Fleet.

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