San Diego Padres Day 2 Draft Breakdown

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(Owen Miller) Credit: Illinois State Athletics


The Padres went college heavy on day two of the 2018 draft, taking six of their seven picks from college programs.

Here is a breakdown of the Padres second day of the draft.

3 (84) Owen Miller – SS Illinois State
Comp: Paul DeJong

Miller hit .384/.433/.537 for Illinois State this past season. He has the ability to do a little bit of everything for the Padres. He can clearly hit but the Padres believe he can stick at shortstop but the bat is the plus tool here.

4 (111) Dylan Coleman – RHP Missouri State
Comp: Andrew Cashner

Coleman was ranked 84th in the draft and fell a little bit here. He can touch 98 MPH but will probably sit closer to 94. His slider will sit around 83 MPH and has the potential to move quickly through the minors for the Friars. He had a 11.36 K/9 rate this past season.

5 (141) Dwanya Williams-Sutton – RF East Carolina
Comp: Justin Upton

Williams-Sutton is an incredible athlete and seems to fit the mold of the type of player the Padres have been targeting in the first two days of the draft. To go along with a .331/.479/.562 slash-line, he also stole 18 bags for the Pirates while playing an above average left field. He has struggled a little with injuries but when he is a healthy, he should contribute.

6 (171) Alexuan Vega – LHP Leonides Morales Rodriguez H.S. (Puerto Rico)
Comp: Oliver Perez

It is hard to find too much information on Vega, a left-handed pitcher out of Puerto Rico but it appears his fastball sits around 91 MPH but can touch 96 MPH. He also throws a curveball that sits around 76 MPH.

7 (201) Jawuan Harris – CF Rutgers
Comp: Eric Young Sr.

Harris is a two sport star from Rutgers and even though he was listed as a wide receiver, he played a considerable amount on defense, intercepting a pass against Michigan last year. He is a tremendous athlete and should stick in center field for the Padres. Harris is very raw but the upside is too much to pass on here.

8 (231) Steven Wilson – RHP Santa Clara
Comp: Jordan Lyles

Wilson is a guy that has had to battle through injuries throughout his career. He is 24 years-old with a fastball-slider combination that should play well out of the pen. He has the ability to move through the minors rather quickly and he will be an interesting guy to watch progress.

9 (261) Luke Becker – 2B Kentucky
Comp: Neil Walker

The switch-hitting Becker is going to have to hit to play. He is listed as a second baseman but he is not known for his defense. He played third base last year but had trouble throwing so Kentucky moved him across the diamond. The bat is the tool for Becker as he slashed .286/.410/.466 this season.

10 (291) Jose Quezada – RHP Texas Tech
Comp: Sergio Romo

Quezada is a reliever from Texas Tech who had a 1.99 ERA this year in 31.2 innings with 38 strikeouts. The comparison to Romo is not just because of his stature but also the stuff, as you can see by the off-speed offering below. Like Wilson, he could possibly more through the minors quickly.

2 thoughts on “San Diego Padres Day 2 Draft Breakdown

  1. I have no issue with any of the guys the Padres picked the last two days, but who are they planning on spending the apparent savings from drafting Weathers and Edwards on? Is there a chance that Rocker or Wilcox will still be available with their next pick? Will the Padres have saved enough money with all of these “under the radar” picks to sway one of them away from college?

    1. That boat has sailed. Rocker and Wilcox going to school. Not sure how the bonus pool will be worked out but interested to see. Still think the draft looks solid for the Padres, if not spectacular.

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