San Diego Loyal lose 2-0 at home to Orange County FC


Credit: SD Loyal

The San Diego Loyal lost their second match of the USL Championship against Orange County SC at USD Stadium on Wednesday night.

After their second home loss of the season, San Diego stands with 11 points in second place in Group B behind Phoenix FC.

Coming off their first draw of the USL Championship against Sacramento FC, San Diego played their first match in more than ten days and started the match on their heels.

The first attack came with a quick Orange County breakaway in the 4th minute led by Seth Casiple that resulted in an open shot on San Diego’s goal that bounced off the right post.

Later in the 21st-minute, the Loyal’s Carlos Alvarez had a strongly directed volley off a cross that the Orange County keeper had to dive to his right to save.

The first half ended with Orange County dictating the majority of possession and pace of the game.

In the second half, the scoring started in the 65th minute when Orange County’s Sean Okali took the lead off a counter-attack. Okali reached the top of the penalty box cut back the ball and shot the past Fenlason San Diego’s goalie and into the net.

Orange County added to the lead in the 84th-minute win Oadhan Quinn the Mt. Carmel High School alum, scored on a low hard kick from 30 yards from the goal that sped into the back of the Loyal net. The Loyal forwards relentlessly attacked Orange County’s defense, which opened up San Diego’s defense to counter attacks that ultimately led to Orange County’s two goals.

The match ended with the away team taking the three points. Orange County now has eight points in the USL Championship.

The San Diego Loyal are scheduled to play their next match against Phoenix Rising FC in Arizona this Saturday at 7:30 pm.

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