San Diego FC is here with a massive win in brand identity festivity

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Credit: Francisco Velasco/EVT Sports

People from across all San Diego counties, Manny Machado, amazing food, a live DJ, drums, cheer, and joy were just some of the things seen at the San Diego FC brand identity party held at Snapdragon Stadium.

The newest MLS expansion club held this festivity on Friday, Oct.20, as thousands attended to see what the team had to offer in terms of its badge and colors.

The club crest was leaked a day before the event via a low-quality picture that did not do San Diego FC any justice. At the event, the response was overwhelmingly positive, with fans lining up eagerly to buy the first-ever merchandise released by the new San Diego soccer team.

Manny Machado, Cody Martinez, Loutfy Mansour, and Tom Penn presented the club’s official badge and team colors on a stage to the thousands in attendance. Fans in attendance were given 3D glasses and a cover for their phone’s camera to completely capture the stunning chrome finish and details on the crest.

There are 18 lines on a sphere shape on the crest, and according to San Diego FC, the lines represent “18 communities of San Diego, woven into one.” The club colors are described directly by the MLS team as “chrome” and “azul,” which is blue in Spanish, adding some representation to the Latino community that is strongly present in San Diego, and that was strongly present at the event on Friday night.

There also seems to be an orange-like color on the crest described by SDFC as “colors of the community, a depiction of all cultures, languages, experiences, and lifestyles, found in San Diego.” The great diversity that San Diego has to offer was definitely present at the party in several different ways, including the people, food, and music.

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The official name for the San Diego MLS team is San Diego Football Club and not Futbol Club, like the San Diego Wave FC.

San Diego FC is set to kick off in the 2025 MLS season at Snapdragon Stadium, led by owner Mohamed Mansour, who was not present at the event. There still needs to be a lot of details finalized before the 2025 season, as the team does not even have an official uniform just yet.

There will be several important announcements heading into 2025 as San Diego looks to bring in a new team to have its full support at Snapdragon Stadium.

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