Red Sox, Padres still talking trade for Wil Myers

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A few reports indicate that the San Diego Padres and Boston Red Sox are still discussing a possible trade for Wil Myers.

The San Diego Padres and their general manager possess several relevant trade chips.

With a youthful 40-man roster full of depth in multiple areas and one of the best farm systems in all of baseball, the Padres are poised to be competitive very soon. Manny Machado, Tommy Pham, and Eric Hosmer provide veteran leadership to the team and Fernando Tatis Jr. Chris Paddack and MacKenzie Gore give the Padres relevant young superstars now.

Wil Myers is an enigma for the team. The potential is there to be extremely productive, but his numbers suggest he hasn’t figured it out. A.J. Preller extended the right-handed hitter too early and is reportedly attempting to trade the outfielder while “eating” a portion of the remaining $68.5 million owed (according to baseball-reference). Not an easy task.

The Boston Red Sox and San Diego Padres flirted with each other earlier in the winter as San Diego became obsessed with the potential of adding Mookie Betts to the roster. The two sides went back and forth, but nothing came to fruition.

In the Betts’ trade rumors, the Padres were to deal Wil Myers to Boston and a package of players. The Sox most likely envision Myers as a buy-low candidate and a player capable of producing for a franchise that just dealt their perennial MVP candidate. On Tuesday, Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune wrote that the two sides are still in discussion for Myers. The Sox are interested in Myers as he could easily rebound on the east coast.

In Acee’s article, he mentions Cal Quantrill, Gabriel Arias, and Luis Campusano as players of interest to Boston. The Sox have a depleted farm system and are in the midst of a rebuild. It is no secret that the team desires multiple young players to expedite the growing process in this re-structuring period. The Padres can surely provide several players to the Red Sox who could one day be starters. The two sides make complete sense for a trade.

The Wil Myers part of this equation is fascinating, as reports indicate the Red Sox want Preller to pay for half the salary owed to Myers. Committing over $10 million per season for three years to a player who is not on your roster is not exactly a palatable notion, but the Padres are at this point with Myers. Adding two or three young players in a Myers package to the Red Sox, one has to wonder who the Padres would gain in return to complete this potential trade?

Boston currently has three left-handed-hitting outfielders in Jackie Bradley Jr., Alex Verdugo, and Andrew Benintendi. That could be a target for San Diego as both Verdugo and Benintendi make sense for the Padres. A.J. Preller is quoted as saying that the team needs another hitter in the middle of the lineup. There seems to be some momentum to these talks, and things could move along reasonably quickly if the money aspect makes sense for both sides. Keep an eye on this as spring games are set to begin this Saturday for the Padres. A.J. Preller is still very much on the prowl in his quest to take this team to the next level of competitiveness.

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8 thoughts on “Red Sox, Padres still talking trade for Wil Myers

  1. Unless we can include a third team and pry a top of the lineish starter, no. I’m frikin tired of Preller and his bargain basement retreads. Keep Campusano! I’m not a fan of dealing Quantrill here unless the third team wants him to replace the starter we’re getting back in return.

    Give Myers one more year with this new manager and clubhouse. If he bounces back he might be worth some of the money we’re paying him. Let’s not pay him 10M a year to go play for someone else. AJ… quit compounding your errors with more errors!

    THIS IS NOT OUR YEAR! Let’s get through this year. Give the kids their innings and at bats. Control Gore for one additional year by starting him in the minors. Let Myers increase his zip trade value! Is it really possible for it to get lower? Teams want our prospects… make them pay for them!

    Owners… tie AJ’s hands and muzzle him! Let’s really see what we’ve got this year to help us next year when it IS our year to start competing.

  2. Apparently the club feels Myers could be a clubhouse problem, otherwise why be so hell-bent on trading him?
    As for a trade, they need to careful with who they send along with Myers. $10-15 mil a year is not all that much to save. And who do we get back? Benintendi? He’s something of a bounce back candidate himself.

    1. I agree Tom! Is Myers truly that bad? Or, did AJ and Green produce who he is today? I’d like to see if he can correct his issues this year. I’d rather risk that and see what happens.

  3. I would give gore a good look in spring training.the big factors is watching his innings.maybe keep him to 6 early then 7 later on,no more than ,200 to 225 ,like paddic.they kept him at a pitch count.if he destroys hitters in spring training ,I believe he is ready.mzke lucaaee and the rest of the lefties compete .state him against the best in spring to get your answer on him .

  4. Quantrill okay but not the other two. There are lesser prospects in this organization that can upgrade the “depleted” Red Sox farm system. Whoever the Padres get will be salary Boston is trying to dump. Do not overpay just to do the same thing.

  5. Noooooooo! Given his track record, I am afraid of what Preller will do, and how bad this will turn out. There is no reason to give up value to get rid of Myers. Not too long ago he was the Padres best hitter (batting in the top of the lineup at various places). The main reason he is no longer a top hitter is, ironically, because Preller signed Hosmer and displaced him (and hurt his fragile psyche).

    I disagree that a trade between these 2 teams makes sense, but it would make much more sense with a 3rd team. It is rumored the Reds or Indians might be involved. If Preller could pull something off that would include Lindor (HIGHLY unlikely) or Senzel (highly unlikely) AND not giving up any real value (it would be okay to give Morejon; Weathers; etc).

    Please do not sell low on Quantrill, Arias, etc!!!!

    “Committing over $10 million per season for three years to a player who is not on your roster is not exactly a palatable notion, but the Padres are at this point with Myers.”

    I get what you are saying, and this normally would be true (for normal GM’s), but this is actually Preller’s standard-operating-procedure. How many players has he paid to not play for the Padres? In the past 4 or 5 years alone he has paid untold millions of dollars to players to PLAY AGAINST HIS OWN TEAM. Who does that? Only a genius.

    And get used to Preller’s SOP, Hosmer will soon be on this list, as will others (e.g. Pomeranz).

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