Predicting the 2021 World Series Champion San Diego Padres

(Austin Allen) Credit: MiLB


Austin Allen – C

Austin Allen is a very interesting prediction for the backup catcher role in 2021. He is currently tearing it up right now in Lake Elsinore and waiting on a promotion. Allen will be 27 years old in 2021 and should have been the backup to Hedges for a year or two already. He has been in the Padres’ top-30 prospects for a few years now and has struggled at times on the defensive end.Hopefully that can change and he can be up for the backup catcher role. Allen would also serve as the backup first baseman, since none of the other bench players have the ability to play the position.

Cory Spangenberg – INF/OF

Cory Spangenberg would be a perfect bench player because of his great versatility. He has spent time all over the diamond and that is just what you want in a bench player. Spangenberg would be one of the team veterans and would actually be the team’s longest-tenured player. Spangenberg, if still with the club, would contribute as much as manager Phil Nevin would allow, and I think that would be quite a lot.

Allen Cordoba – SS/LF

Allen Cordoba was selected in the rule-5 draft, meaning he will have to spend the entire 2017 season with the big league club, and it seems like he will do just that. Once he spends the entire 2017 season in MLB, I see him being sent down to AA San Antonio in 2018. He might make his way back up to the majors that year, or maybe 2019, but I don’t see him spending too much time down in the minors. Cordoba has a very nice bat, and has shown that this year. At one point he was hitting over .300, but has since seen that drop to below .230, which still is not horrible for someone who previously hasn’t played above rookie ball. Cordoba seems like a solid pick to be on the 2021 San Diego bench.

Franchy Cordero – CF

Fracnhy Cordero burst onto the scene earlier this year when he got called up, and very quickly became the primary center fielder. He has since been sent down, but he has shown promise. Franchy was on the outside looking in before this year when he played so well. He might have put himself in the Padres’ plans purely based off his performance in about 25 games or so. I can definitely see Cordero having a limited role in the 2021 team.

Jorge Ona – LF

Jorge Ona is a very talented young prospect who could be even better than what I project him as. If Adam Jones or Hunter Renfroe start to slump, Ona could take their spot. He may even surpass one of them. He has a very good bat and is a solid fielder. He doesn’t project to be spectacular at anything, but his most impressive tool is his power. Ona will be a very exciting player that Padre fans need to keep an eye on, especially for the 2021 team.


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5 years ago

Phil Nevin, Castellanos?…those are some weird assumptions, imo..

I don’t see the problem, some fans are having with Andy Green. I really don’t. And Nevin was already interviewed by Preller and Fowler…and he didn’t make the cut. So why are we backtracking to Phil Nevin for manager?

Nick Castellanos…trust me, you and everybody else can do better than him.

Actually, instead of projecting Myers and Renfroe as mainstays, I don’t think it’d be a surprise to see either one of them, traded before the Padres win a WS.

5 years ago

Well time will tell but I truly believe the Padres need to go after a veteran HR/RBI/BAvg. 3b…Castellanos is ok, but a M. Machado would fit more nicely as a bat and RBI man! FA in 2019. Would go nicely w/ veterans Myers, Margot, Hedges, Renfroe! Don’t agree w/ Bumgarner….Adam Jones would be nice, but I think they could do better in house or another FA? Jones would be at end of career!

Mark Lucas
Mark Lucas
5 years ago

No criticism from me, my Ouiji board is in the shop. Not sure I see us wasting the capital for Bumgarner. Adam Jones or someone similar certainly makes sense. I’ll be disappointed if Andy Green isn’t managing this squad in 2021. I agree with JoJo, I think Morejon and Gore will get here at about the same time, and I believe that will happen in 2020. Pretty damned exciting to look four years off, and truly believe it to be possible. Thanks for all you folks do here. It’ll get me through the winter here in NorCal with all of the Giants fans.

5 years ago

Jordan Barley/Luis Almanzar will be the short stop
Tatis will play 3rd
Naylor will play 1st
Myers LF
Ruiz 2nd Base
Chris Paddack for Bumgarner
Renfore/Ona in RF
Morejon and Gore will probably come up together
Baez could be the closer
If Espinoza is in play, Lauer is bull pen or trade bait.
Hudson Potts, Mason House, and Jesisson Rosario might be knocking on the door as well.
should be interesting only time will tell

5 years ago

No left handed bats in the everyday lineup?

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