“Perfect” ending for Megan Rapinoe, “I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve this”

Credit: Francisco Velasco/EVT Sports

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Credit: Francisco Velasco/EVT Sports

Megan Rapinoe will contest her last-ever professional soccer game this Saturday, November 11, in the 2023 NWSL Final between the OL Reign and Gotham FC.

The soccer superstar is one of the faces of not just women’s soccer,but soccer in the United States, thanks to her decorated career and her one-of-a-kind personality, which has made global headlines on several occasions.

Rapinoe has won almost everything at a club level, like the Division 1 Feminine title in France with Lyon, three NWSL Shield trophies, and two FIFA Women’s World Cups. On an individual level ,she has also won the coveted Ballon d’Or, a FIFA The Best ,and a FIFA Women’s World Cup Golden Ball honor.

The only thing missing from her career is an NWSL trophy, which she now has the opportunity to win in her final game ever as a professional soccer player. For Rapinoe ,this is the “perfect way to end her illustrious playing career. “I feel it is the perfect way to go out. To be able to play my last game in a championship game, whatever happens, happens”, said Rapinoe.

“To be able to be in a championship game, to see how much the league has grown. To see how much the sport has grown. Obviously, a historic media deal today is absolutely incredible.”

“I know that there will be things that I miss forever. I’ll always be sad that I’m not playing on the weekend or playing in front of fans, or big stadiums, or world championships, but I am really excited about the next phase,.but I’m also so excited about what I’m doing now. I’m in the championship game; There’s no better way for me to end this. I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve this, but take advantage of it and just enjoy every moment. This is why I play.”

Rapinoe is enjoying this final phase of her career, and is clearly motivated to come away with a win from this championship match against Gotham. However, Rapinoe also expressed how she is “grateful” for the amazing career she has already had. “I would love to get that one last little thing, but I feel in terms of my career, I feel really grateful and proud and really excited to move on to the next step.”

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The veteran superstar finished the NWSL season with four goals and five assists and was clearly able to demonstrate just how impactful she can still be for her team. Rapinoe was clearly a leader and an engine for the Reign in their last game at Snapdragon Stadium on Nov.5 against the San Diego Wave in the semifinal.

This will not only be Rapinoe’s last match, but it will also be Gotham’s Ali Krieger’s last match, as San Diego is due for a historic match at Snapdragon Stadium. Megan Rapinoe talked about Snapdragon Stadium and what she expects in this NWSL Final. “It’s a great stadium, good atmosphere, it gets really loud in there, and it’s obviously a beautiful setting.”

The event has already sold over 22,000 tickets, which is an NWSL record for a championship game. Win or lose, Rapinoe is set to play in a highly competitive and highly exciting atmosphere for her last time out on the field as a player.

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