Padres Winter League Report: December 13 (Margot 1-for-3 with a Steal in D.R.)

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Here is your San Diego Padres winter league report for December 13.

There were a few men in action throughout the globe on Friday night.

Here is a recap of the day’s events.

Dominican Winter League

Ivan Castillo– (1-5) 2B, K

The infielder is now hitting .258 on the season for the Leones. Castillo will probably start the 2020 season in El Paso and could add to his impressive offensive resume playing in the Pacific Coast League. The Padres may take a look at the Dominican switch-hitter in the spring.

Franchy Cordero– (0-4) BB

Cordero missed a few games with a sore hamstring but is hitting .381 (8-for-21) in five games with a .959 OPS for Escogido. The question of health will always be surrounding Cordero, who has a very nice upside to his game.

Manuel Margot– (1-3) SB, Run, K

The Toros are utilizing Manuel Margot in the leadoff role, and he has responded by hitting .179 early in the season. The right-handed hitter needs to be more consistent and put the ball in play if he wants to remain at the top of the order in the Major Leagues.

Puerto Rican Winter League

No players in action

Mexican Winter League

Esteban Quiroz– (1-4) RBI

The small in stature infielder has a big swing with surprising power. He is off to a .231 start in Mexico, playing for the Caneros de los Mochis. He will likely repeat his time in El Paso and could be a player you see at Petco Park in 2020.

Australian Baseball League

Jonny Homza– (2-6) Run

Homza played third base in game one of a double-header in Australia and then headed behind the plate for the second game. The Auckland Tuatara has played third base and caught for the ABL team on most nights and is showing improved baseball skills. The right-handed hitter is someone to keep an eye on moving forward. He is hitting .255 on the season.

Taylor Kohlwey– (2-3) HR, 3B, 2 RBI, Run, BB, K

The left-handed hitter is hitting .256 on the season for Canberra after a 2-for-3 game on Friday night/Saturday morning.

Jordy Barley– (1-2) HR, 4 RBIs, Run, K

In a blowout loss, Barley came off the bench for the Calvary. He slugged a grand slam in the contest for Canberra. The right-handed hitter is batting .229 on the season in the ABL.

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  1. Franchy…surely you must realize that YOU are the centerfielder and potential MVP that can take us to the finish line this year? is it on???, Are you for real? Sure, maybe you always imagine this…Tic Toc tic Toc…Produce NOW(!) or get out of baseball, go work a less demanding job and see if you are more productive, healthier and happier. Why waste the fan’s time? If helping those who pay you and make every effort to share their expertise in skills development , PT training, and individualized instruction isn’t part of your mind game, maybe if the fans that have entrusted faith in your ability…(commitment?) and contribution isn’t your thing then starting today, right NOW, give up your roster spot to a tougher talent who can Man-up! (sure…tweet this message to him. He could be Andre Dawson.+, but does he want it? If he wants it, he is the potential MLB MVP. Franchy (and support staff) do you hear it? The alarm is ringing and the time is now. Does he and his TEAM (paid support staff) hear the alarm clock? Is there anybody on the Padres coaching staff that can make this happen? Who the heck is his agent? TWIMC…Earn your money and use your resources to ensure the greatest performance for your Client. if You ,the agent, can’t help, then you’re not any good.

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