Padres surprisingly showing interest in Xander Bogaerts

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The San Diego Padres are reportedly interested in free agent shortstop Xander Bogaerts. 

You can never predict the moves of the San Diego Padres.

The team’s young general manager is capable of shocking the baseball world as A.J. Preller has the propensity to do what he wants when constructing his baseball team.

The San Diego Padres have arguably the best young shortstop in the game in Fernando Tatis Jr. The young superstar missed the entire 2022 season with medical issues and an MLB suspension for PED use but is blessed with tremendous skills for the game. That cannot be doubted.

Tatis will return in late April for the Padres and should be productive. The team also has Ha-Seong Kim on the roster, who filled in wonderfully for the Padres this past season.

There is no apparent need for the Padres to bring in a new shortstop.

However, Jon Heyman is reporting that the Padres are interested in Xander Bogaerts. Marino Pepen of Boston also verifies his report.

The Padres may only be investigating the price of Bogaerts, but it is still interesting that the team is even thinking about bringing in a new shortstop.

Preller and his staff definitely think outside the box. The addition of Xander Bogaerts could push Tatis to the outfield on a permanent basis and could signify a different role for Ha-Seong Kim moving forward. Anything can happen.

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Peter Seidler and the Padres’ ownership group are once again proving their focus on bringing a world title to San Diego. The fact the Padres are rumored to be looking at Bogaerts only signifies that the team will spend more this offseason. Bringing back Nick Martinez and Robert Suarez is only the beginning of an active winter for the Padres.

The real interest in Bogaerts is unknown, as he will cost the team a pretty penny. Bogaerts opted out of the three years and $60 million to become a free agent this winter. It is not out of the realm of possibility for the 30-year-old to land a $120-million+ contract on the open market. The Padres may be wiser to allocate those funds elsewhere.

Stay tuned, as this winter should get very interesting in San Diego.

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