Padres Special: Billy Joel at Petco Park

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Credit: R. Dorsha

Petco Park, and its staff, hosted a Billy Joel concert on May 14th. If nothing else, the night’s experiences gave me one thought repeatedly: I am getting old.

Here’s a log of my thoughts during the course of the night.

7 pm: Arrived in the Gaslamp in plenty of time, why not stop and get a sandwich?

7:15: Why does it take this long to make a sandwich?

7:30: Better head to Petco Park, I’m here early so getting in shouldn’t be a problem.

7:32: Wow, there’s a lot of people at the Western Metal gate.

7:35: Does this line really extend all the way to J street?

7:38: Where does this line end?

7:42: (While standing at the intersection of J and 10th) So this is where it ends… I think I’ll try to find another entrance.

7:45: This home plate entrance is much better.

8:00: I’ll be really upset if I start to hear music from inside Petco Park while I am still standing on Park Blvd.

8:05: Maybe Petco Park is not designed to handle 40,000 fans. A few more entrances would help.

8:15: I really hope the concert doesn’t start.

8:25: Made it through security! Woot! Woot!

8:30: There’s a lot of empty seats for this being a sold out show. I feel bad for those people stuck outside.

Credit: R. Dorsha
Credit: R. Dorsha

8:35: “Lights Go Out on Broadway” Yay!

8:36: Is the whole concert going to be this loud?

8:37: “Pressure” Yay!

8:38: This is still too loud. I must be getting old.

8:40: Wow, still a lot of empty seats

8:41: Wow, Billy is asking the crowd which song to do next! This is awesome!

8:42: Yay, “Vienna” won! Woot! Woot!

8:43: My neck hurts. All these seats are angled toward the infield, but I am looking at the outfield. This is not ideal.

8:45: Just realized the stage is covering up the Sycuan Casino sign…. At least the National University sign is still clearly visible.

8:50: Another song choice: “The Longest Time” won!

8:55: I smell marijuana, I hope that person has a prescription.

9:00: A crazy lady is dancing in the aisle. We’re trying to listen to a concert, lady! Wait, am I sounding like a cranky old guy telling kids to get off his lawn.

9:03: Great, now the crazy dancing lady has her crazy dancing husband next to her.

9:10: Whoever that person is, they must have really bad glaucoma.

9:15: Why is a big guy singing “Highway to Hell” at my Billy Joel concert (grumpy old guy thought #2)

Credit: R. Dorsha
Credit: R. Dorsha

9:25: My left ear legitimately hurts because of the volume.

9:30: Maybe this smell and the crazy dancing lady are connected?!

9:40: Why are people forming a mosh pit in the walkway at the bottom of the stairs? Sit and enjoy the concert, hippies!

9:45: A cover of “Take it Easy” during “River of dreams”? This is awesome, but can it be just a little quieter?

9:55: I have to drive home, I hope second hand smoke can’t make you legally intoxicated.

10:00: People are leaving to go to the bathroom during “Piano Man”? Dude, just hold it for 4 minutes.

10:06: People are leaving while the house lights are still out, have you never been to a concert before?

10:10: Seriously, how many joints is that person going to smoke tonight?!

10:12: First encore is “Uptown Girl”, this is awesome. It would be so much better if I could hear out of my left ear.

10:20: Who is this guy on stage with “Mraz” on a Padre Jersey

10:21: (After checking wikipedia) Oh, he’s a musician also. These young kids and their new fangled music!

10:22: Zepelin’s “Rock and Roll” during “You May be Right” this would be the greatest night of my life if I wasn’t on the verge of a burst ear drum.

10:25: Closing with “Only the Good Die Young”, good call.

10:30: House lights up, ears ringing. Time to fight through the population of a small town to get out of here.

11:00: I’d really like the ringing to stop.

11:15: People are pushing each other on the Trolley because one of them discussed politics. Democracy!

11:30: I’m really going to enjoy how quiet it will be inside my car.

Midnight: Wonder if my ears will still be ringing in the morning.

8am: Yup, still are.

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