Padres Select Xavier Edwards With No. 38 Overall Pick

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Credit: Baseball America

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After surprising some and selecting Ryan Weathers with the No. 7 overall pick, the team went with a prep shortstop out of Florida by the name of Xavier Edwards 31 picks later.

Weathers is viewed as an under slot player. He should take less than slot value for his contract and thus give the Padres some financial flexibility with the rest of their picks. A risky move, but if the team is sold on Weather’s and his ability then this strategy could pay off. The selection of Edwards shouldn’t reach into that extra money too much if at all, so it is interesting to see what the team does with the rest of their picks.

The farm system is so stacked right now and adding Edwards with the #38 pick will only make things better.

He brings an excellent glove and comparisons to Ozzie Smith. The switch hitter is awesome with the glove as he transitions the ball out of his glove quickly and has top-notch footwork. He has a real chance to stay at the position, but could easily transition to second if need be. Most believe he will remain at short though.

He has skill level and is also considered a good kid to boot. A.J. Preller and the scouting department had to be ecstatic that this men was available when there turn came around again. This is an excellent choice as Edwards has speed and could be a lead off type hitter down the road.

He has an ability to use the whole field with his swing and has very good speed. His running ability is easily considered his best tool. You will see that in the videos below.

Edwards just adds to the shortstop depth in the farm system. One way or another, the Padres will have a quality shortstop in time.

Here is some video of the young man in action. You see an excellent swing and the speed he brings out of the box. The right handed swing is a little stiff, but you can see the ability. The Padres have a very raw talent, but the coaches should be able to get more out of him. He is described as very coachable.

Again, another video displaying what he brings to the team. The speed is evident for this young man.

Preller and the Padres might have struck gold. It is really early to get too excited about this young man, but he has a very decent floor. He should be able to advance in the system as he has plus athletic tools. The team has one more pick tonight as the #74 pick will be in soon.

7 thoughts on “Padres Select Xavier Edwards With No. 38 Overall Pick

  1. I am not sure why this article is so positive and giddy. A guy who can run but may not have the arm for SS and will have no power even down the road and added to a system full of SS’s. This was a terrible pick. Can we get some power, somewhere in our system rather then 100 middle infielders and center fielders.

      1. I stand by the statement. You seeing no merit in the statement concerns me about your credibility or at least hope for something better today.

        1. He’s a potential lead off hitter (70 speed) with great hands and footwork. His hands are especially quick on getting the ball from glove to throw which makes up for the average arm. He also has very good contact skills, not striking out a lot. His power is not there, but occasionally (like Urias), can get ahold of one. He is thought to be able to stick to SS, but may end up at 2B.

          There’s your scouting report

          And, you don’t draft for need in the early rounds. You draft for BPA

  2. I was hoping for Rocker or Torres. Feels like they didn’t quite make the most of the picks and pool money. If Weathers is underslot, where does that money saved go? Doesn’t feel like the combination of Edwards and Little is making the most of whatever was saved

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