Padres search for manager continues; Who is Bob Henley?

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Bob Henley has reportedly emerged as a candidate for the San Diego Padres’ managerial position. But who is he? 

The San Diego Padres are continuing their search for the next manager of the team.

Rumors are running rampant, and it was recently reported Jayce Tingler received a second interview making him a de facto front runner. But another suggestion recently came out, as reported by Jon Heyman, the Padres interviewed Bob Henley for the open managerial position. This begs the question, who is Bob Henley? 

Bob Henley is the current third base coach for the Washington Nationals. The same Nationals’ team that is about to play in the World Series. This playoff experience will undoubtedly boost his value for next season. Henley has been in the Expos/Nationals system his entire career. He was drafted as a catcher in 1991 in the 26th round. He endured for years in the minors until finally breaking into the major leagues in 1998. His first major league hit was off none other than Curt Schilling. Unfortunately, injuries to his throwing arm and shoulder kept him from playing more than the 41 games he played in that year in Montreal. 

In 2003, Henley started his coaching career managing in the Expos’ minor league system. He was also, at one point, the field coordinator of minor league instruction. In 2013, the former catcher was promoted as a major league coach and has been there ever since. He’s coached alongside three different managers; Matt Williams, Dusty Baker, and Gabe Martinez. Martinez not only kept Henley on the staff but also made him coach of the outfielders. 

The outfielders that he works with in Washington are some of the best and brightest in MLB. Victor Robles and Juan Soto are both young and 4+ WAR players. Although we cannot give him credit for how great these players are, something can be said of a coach that can help a young player reach his potential. As part of his coaching duties, he relays a lot of information gathered by the analytics team. He doesn’t seem opposed to shifts and using good information supplied to him. Henley should be a coach who embraces analytics.

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Bob Henley is known for being aggressive on the basepaths as a third-base coach. He wants his players to force throws and take an extra-base when possible. The young runners love his style of play.  In San Diego, he would promote this aggressive style of play.

Henley likes to spend his offseason in his secluded home out in the woods. He likes to get away from the hustle and bustle of an MLB season.

The veteran coach appears to be very down to earth and an overall likable guy. He is passionate and emotional. Bob Henley is very relatable. His many years of baseball experience are very apparent. Although, he’s not a flashy guy, and doesn’t crave attention or the spotlight. Perhaps this is the reason why he’s flown under the radar for so long. He’s likely getting some attention due to the Nationals unexpected run to the World Series. Although he may not be offered the Padres managerial job this season, he is someone worthy of consideration in the future for open positions throughout the league. He will likely find himself managing a team in the next couple of years. 

3 thoughts on “Padres search for manager continues; Who is Bob Henley?

  1. I’m having a hard time taking this rumor seriously. Henley is a Nationals lifer, going back to the Expos, and his team is going to the World Series. Meanwhile, two guys, Tingler and Washington, are on their second interview, and the next no-game day in the playoffs is Monday, maybe Sunday or Saturday if the Astros close out the Yankees. It looks like the best time to announce a new manager is this weekend or Monday, and supposedly Ron Washington will be in town this weekend. Henley might be a distraction rumor.

    1. The interview was pretty hush-hush. No telling when it happened either. But it did happen, so we figure we should find out who the guy is, even if he’s a long shot. If Henley wanted to be a manager I’m sure he’d be a good one.

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