Padres Rumors: Venable Trade Will Be Emotional Loss

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Mandatory Credit: (AP Photo/Matt Slocum)
Mandatory Credit: (AP Photo/Matt Slocum)

The San Diego Padres are likely days away from making some changes to their roster. Among the changes will be the trade of outfielder Will Venable. The Padres team is currently stacked with outfielders at both the Major League level and the minor league level. With all that depth, the cost of Venable at $4.25 million this year is just too much for a team in the San Diego Padres position. That’s just a reality we must face.

It is not as though his salary or salary demands would be too much for the Padres to handle, it is just there is no room on the roster for him. With the addition of Melvin Upton Jr. and his big contact, the Padres are surely trying to save money. They can not afford to pay both Venable and Upton Jr to sit on the bench.

The game of baseball can be a brutal business. There is no real sense of loyalty and what is best for the team ultimately rules. Venable is the longest tenured Padres player. He was drafted by the team in 2005 and made the Major League team in 2008. Eight total years for Venable on a Padres Major League roster is quite impressive. His best year came in 2013 when Venable hit .268 with 22 homers and 53 RBI’s while sealing 22 bases. He did that playing nearly every day, totaling 481 at bats in 151 games. His 3.2 WAR number that year was very impressive.

It really surprises me that Venable has not been given the opportunity to play everyday. He could be rested against tough left-handed pitchers, but his defense on the field is vital to a competitive team. Padres fans are just beginning to realize how important teams defense is to a successful pitching staff. Cameron Maybin couldn’t hit consistently in a Padres uniform but when he was on the field he made some very difficult catches look easy. Melvin Upton Jr. is very solid defensively as well, he is however struggling to hit.

The inevitable is near as Will Venable is probably be given a three-year contract by someone to play nearly everyday. He will be a bargain for a potential team, and will easily justify his contract. The Padres have apparently moved on from Venable. The outfielder even sold his Pt. Loma house last September as he seems to be aware that the end is near. A tough reality for baseball players is their lives are in constant turmoil. A trade may happen at any point.

Mandatory Credit: UT San Diego
Mandatory Credit: UT San Diego

Venable is hitting .246 this season with six home runs and 22 RBI’s in 81 games and 248 at bats. Venable has six stolen bases and has made many great defensive plays in the outfield this year. In May and June after Wil Myers went down with injury, Venable was huge for the Padres. No play bigger than robbing Mike Trout of a home run in late May. He had a fantastic series in Anaheim and there are many rumors swirling about the Angels interest in Venable.

It remains to be seen where Venable could ultimately land. He is sure to be of major interest to a team. He can fit many roles on a team from defensive replacement to pinch hitter off the bench. He could even start on a team on a daily basis, he has that kind of skill set. A.J. Preller will probably get a decent mid level prospect for Venable or he could even package him in a bigger deal. We will see what he chooses to do.

The loss of Will Venable will be tough for a lot of Padres fans but we must remember that this ownership is committed to winning. That is quite evident in their reluctantly to deal at this point. The team still feels there is a slight chance they can come back this year. Even though FanGraphs has their chances at 4% to make the playoffs. These next two games against the Marlins and the upcoming four against the Mets in New York could result in a decision being made by ownership.

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