Padres Rumors: Padres in Recent Contact With Phillies About a Potential Trade

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News broke Friday morning  from CSN Philadelphia that the Philadelphia Phillies have recently fielded calls from the San Diego Padres once again. Phillies G.M. Ruben Amaro Jr. made this announcement this week on WIP, a Phillies sports radio show in Philadelphia. He claims that A.J. Preller has contacted him and Amaro states that he has fielded plenty of calls from the Padres G.M. over the last few days. Now who would the Padres be going after? The obvious choice would be Hamels but this article speculates that the Padres are targeting Chase Utley. Could that be true?

It’s really no secret that the Padres are growing tired of Jedd Gyorko‘s development. His low on base percentage and propensity to strike out seems to be getting worse. He is, average at best at second base defensively, and the Padres team is just too right handed heavy. A.J. Preller didn’t reward Gyorko with his five-year extension. That was done under the Josh Byrnes reign of terror here in San Diego in April of 2014. Plain and simply Preller has no emotional attachment to Gyorko. The list of players than can capably play the position seems to be growing. Yangervis Solarte would most certainly be an offensive upgrade over Gyorko. That in itself says a lot since offense is supposed to be Gyorko’s forte. Cory Spangenberg is also begging to be in the lineup more prominently. Spangenberg has the speed the Padres need at the top of the order.

Would Chase Utley waive his no trade clause to come play for the Padres? The answer would be yes, but the team must be in position to contend. I don’t see Utley agreeing to anything soon, he probably wants to wait til the Phillies are completely out of it. Chase Utley is a classy player, he wouldn’t want to leave Philadelphia this early in a season. He has played his whole 13 year career in Philadelphia, it would take a lot for him to leave, it would have to be the correct situation for him. He earned that right with his no trade clause, he will definitely exercise the right to refuse any deal. Just my opinion.

Here we go again. Just when you think it’s all dead. Cole Hamels did and still does interest the San Diego Padres. There is no doubt about that. The question is if the Phillies are willing to come off their high asking price on Hamels. Cole Hamels was roughed up in his first start of the season by the Boston Red Sox. With Ian Kennedy‘s injured hamstring, does that leave the Padres more likely to seek a starting pitcher? Hamels would undoubtedly make the Padres a better team. He being left-handed would be a nice complement for a staff full of right-handed pitchers.

The price tag for Hamels would start off with Austin Hedges, but that is only a fraction of what the Phillies require to complete a trade. Hunter Renfroe is the Padres next best prospect and the Phillies would surely like to add his bat to their farm system. All though there are conflicting reports on whether the Phillies like him or not. Beyond those two, it is tough to say. The Phillies have been linked to Wil Myers, but I would find it hard to believe the Padres would part with him. He being under team control for the next five seasons, is exactly what the Padres need to off-set the high salaries of Matt Kemp and James Shields.

Could the rumored Andrew Cashner for Cole Hamels deal finally come to a head? A combination of Cashner, Hedges and a few prospects might get a deal done. Then again the Phillies would want more and more. It’s tough to say why Preller was calling the Phillies. Just as I thought a potential deal was completely dead, this comes up again. The trades are not over, that can be said. I don’t know what stage of the overhaul we are presently in, but the overhaul is surely not complete. Fasten your seat belts, its going to be fun this summer!

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  1. As a phillies fan, hamels and utley to the padres in a package would net us the best return…maybe gyrko, renfroe, hedges and liriano for hamels/utley money? as a phils fan that would satisfy me

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