Padres Rumors: Now Is The Time For Segura

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 Photo by Mike McGinnis/Getty Images
Photo by Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

The San Diego Padres need for a shortstop is well-known around Major League Baseball. The Milwaukee Brewers have multiple young shortstops and are currently out of the running for the National League Central Division. Sounds like a match made in heaven, or is it?

I have already speculated that the Padres should obtain Luis Sardinas who was a former Texas Rangers minor leaguer. The Rangers are a team general manager A.J. Preller is quite familiar with, as he was in the organization for 10 years. Sardinas played everyday while Jean Segura was sidelined with a broken pinkie finger on his right, throwing hand. Segura is back now, and either short stop would be an upgrade for the Padres.

Jean Segura would be a big addition for the Padres. He provides quality defense and has a nice reputation as a solid hitter too. Immediately upon returning from the disabled list, Segura starting hitting. Going 8-20 in his return to the line-up five days ago. He is currently hitting .281 on the season with two home runs and 14 RBI’s to go with six stolen bases. He could solidify the shortstop position for the Friars.

His price tag would not be cheap as the 25-year old shortstop is under team control until the 2019 season. Segura is making a very affordable $534,000 this year. During his rookie season in 2013, Segura was an All-Star and totaled 12 home runs and 49 RBI’s while stealing 44 bases. He did all that while hitting a very respectable .294 and played stellar defense for the Brewers. Segura amassed a 3.8 WAR number that season, very good for a middle infielder.

His numbers last season fell off a bit, as he battled injuries. Segura still played in 146 games and hit .246 with five homers and 31 Runs driven in. Very decent numbers, and most surely better production that what the Padres are going to get from their current shortstop duo of Clint Barmes and Alexi Amarista. That is just a fact.

Everyone on the Brewers roster is rumored to be available via trade except for All-Star catcher Jonathan Lucroy. So what would it take to wrestle this former All-Star shortstop away from the Brewers? The Milwaukee team is need of some pitching help, so a player like Andrew Cashner or Tyson Ross could be very tempting to the team. Would the Padres move one of those two pitchers to stabilize the team’s defense? That remains to be seen. Although I would not put anything past A.J. Preller. He is surely thinking of every angle to attack in a potential trade to improve the Padres team.

Jean Segura could be a long-term answer at the shortstop position, and that would be extremely valuable to the Padres. They have no immediate answer at shortstop, nor do they have a minor leaguer who is almost major league ready. Trea Turner is just about to be shipped off to the Washington Nationals, and he would be the closest thing the Padres have to a solid minor league prospect.

The Brewers are sure to be sellers come July 31st, but the real question is if the Padres can afford to wait that long. If the team fails to get over the .500 mark, the Padres could very well be sellers themselves come the July deadline. These next few weeks are critical for determining if the team is to rebuild, or to restock their current roster.

A trade should be coming soon. The Padres have too much invested in this season to just let it fall apart. I have a feeling something big is going to happen. It could be one major trade, or it could be a series of smaller trades. One way or another this roster you see before you will be altered soon. As Padres fans, you will just have to remain patient and hope the answer can be found in time.

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  1. well, that will cost probably Hedges, Liriano and two of Rondon/Lindsey/Gyorko/Spangy/Dickerson/Perez

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