Padres Rumors: Let the Trade Talk Begin- Milwaukee Brewers

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Courtesy: Getty Images
Courtesy: Getty Images

With their latest loss on Monday, the Milwaukee Brewers fall to nine full games behind the St.Louis Cardinals. A 4-16 start to the season has the team near a pivotal decision. Should they continue to try to gain momentum and stay in the season, or should they just try to rebuild the chemistry of their team in a different direction? If they choose to move some players then the San Diego Padres are sure to have interest.

The Brewers have veteran players like Adam Lind, Carlos Gomez, Ryan Braun, Gerardo Parra and Aramis Ramirez. Ramirez, Parra and Lind are in the final years of their contract. While none would be of much interest to the San Diego Padres, the Brewers young shortstop Jean Segura, might just be. Question is, what would it take for his services and can the Padres afford the price tag for this young talent?

Jean Segura is a 25-year-old right handed hitting shortstop out of the Dominican Republic. Segura owns a career .272 batting average and has 74 stolen bases in over 1,300 major league at bats. He came from the Los Angeles Angels in 2012 for Zack Greinke. Segura as a rookie in 2013 was an all-star for the Brewers. He hit .294 that season with 12 home runs and 49 runs batted in with 44 stolen bases. He was injured last year and had a down season (.246 5-31 with 20 stolen bases). Still the promise of his first season is enticing.

This season in which the Brewers have been decimated by injuries to Carlos Gomez and Matt Lucroy, the only bright spot has been Segura. He is off to a .306 start with 3 stolen bases in 72 at bats. The price tag for Segura would not be cheap by any mean. He is under team control until 2019 and is a very inexpensive but productive player. To teams like the Padres and the Brewers, those type of contracted players have immense value.

The Brewers have a young shortstop named Luis Sardinas whom they received in the deal for Yovani Gallardo. Sardinas is very capable of replacing Jean Segura, but he is no given to produce at the same value as Segura. Not to mention the Brewers have their #1 prospect Orlando Arcia waiting in the wings. Arcia is nearly major league ready. The Padres would have to move equally young talented players in order to even have a shot to attain Segura. Teams like the New York Yankees and New York Mets are both in search of a shortstop. The position is just very barren right now.

So what would it take for Segura? The Brewers have Jonathon Lucroy at catcher so unless they were willing to move him to first base (which isn’t inconceivable), Austin Hedges is not of real interest to them. Hunter Renfroe is off to a horrid start in El Paso, but the Padres are sure to keep him as a back up plan to potentially losing Justin Upton this fall. If Upton leaves via free agency the Padres need to have Renfroe on the squad.

In my opinion, a package of Rymer Liriano (who is off to a .290/.380/.484 start in El Paso), Alexi Amarista, Casey Kelly and Taylor Lindsey would probably entice the Brewers. Kelly could give them a potential mid rotation starter. Amarista gives them a veteran to mentor Sardinas. Liriano is ready to play now in the major leagues and could develop into a useful player and Lindsey gives them organizational depth at second base. That would be a four for one deal for a player that has a lot of upside but regressed a bit last season.

The Brewers would want prospects in return for Segura, and in most scenarios they would want a group of prospects to choose from. It’s very difficult to see whom they would covet from the Padres, but if they decide to rebuild their team and move some pieces, the Padres will surely come calling. Jean Segura could help the Padres and he is a cheap alternative at a pivotal position.

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