Padres prospect Dillon Head is mature beyond his years

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Once again, the San Diego Padres are building a very respectable farm system, and outfielder Dillon Head is one of the prized jewels. 

Playing the game of baseball is difficult.

However, every once in a while, you witness an ultra-athletic player who makes the game look easy.

Not that baseball is a simple sport by any means, but these individuals are blessed with a skill level that resembles a work of art. The style in which they track and catch a fly ball, the way their cleats tear into the basepaths as they sail across the diamond. Players like this are rare. They are cherished.

Dillon Head is blessed with this tremendous skill. Watching him play baseball is enjoyable. The San Diego Padres hope that his athletic demeanor and skill level translate into a perennial all-star at the highest level. Head has the ability to be very special, and that is why the Padres selected him with the 25th overall selection in the 2023 MLB Draft.

Selected out of high school in Illinois, the left-handed hitter signed with the San Diego Padres for $2.8 million and immediately made his way to professional baseball.

Last season, Head played in 13 regular-season games to close out the season for the Lake Elsinore Storm. The speedy outfielder earned valuable experience in his minimal professional time. “It’s pretty cool. A couple of years ago, I never thought I’d be here playing professional baseball. I thought I would be playing college ball,” Head said with a smile at the Storm Media Day event this week.

“It was definitely an awakening (playing late last season for Storm). Signing and first playing in the Arizona Complex League to coming here with the fans of the game. It moved fast, for sure. It was just something that was a very cool experience,” Head explains.

Credit: Padres

Last year at this time, Dillon Head was still enduring his senior year of high school. Needless to say, things are way different now. His off-season was quite contrasting as he prepared himself for the life of a pro ball player. “I reached out to guys that have already been in it (professional baseball), asking them how to create my own routine. It was a busier off-season for sure,” Head said.

The grind of a full minor league season can be overwhelming to young players. Dillon Head is excited, and you can see it in his eyes. The uncertainty of being away from home and playing baseball is something that powers him. He is up for the challenge and welcomes it. “I am looking forward to all of it. Playing a full season of 100-plus games. Going from high school playing 30-something games (to this). I am ready for the grind of playing a full season,” the outfield stated with a smile.

Dillon Head’s swing is very productive right now. He barrels the ball well and generally puts the ball in play when his swing dynamics are on. The power potential has not yet been shown, but the thought process is that he will drive the ball more effectively when he gets bigger and stronger. When asked about his swing and what he was working on, Head educates us. “I am just cleaning up little mechanics with my swing. Getting able to increase my doubles and triples and balls in the gaps this season. Utilizing my speed. Nothing too crazy. Just cleaning some stuff up,” Head admitted with a serious look.

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The outfielder was asked about his power and if he was trying to implement new things to his swing. “Not really. You know just trusting myself and getting stronger. Being good at what I have always been good at. Not trying to get out of myself. Looking to hit doubles and triples, and if the ball goes over the gate, the ball goes over the gate,” Head said confidently.

When asked about his skills, the outfielder beamed as he discussed his athletic ability and what was his biggest tool. “My speed and being able to use it on both sides. Being able to get on base and score runs. On the defensive side, being able to cover a ton of ground in the outfield and maybe make some outs that are usually hits,” Head said confidently.

Adjusting and a knowledge of what a pitcher is trying to do to you goes a long way in the game of baseball. Dillon Head is on top of that. The young outfielder is not afraid to ask for help in adjusting his game and will look outside for help. “I look at guys in organizations today that have the same kind of size, speed, and abilities as me.  Guys like Corbin Carrol and Michael Harris. Seeing how they go about helping their team win,” Head said informatively about his game.

The San Diego Padres are in need of outfield help, and though Dillon Head is just 19, he could be useful very soon at the major league level. When asked to tell Padres fans about his game and who he was, this is what he left us with. “I am just ready to come in every day and be as consistent as I can. Just go out there and help the team win,” Head said with a serious look. You honestly cannot ask for more from a young player. This teenage talent is ahead of the game and wise beyond his years.

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