Padres pitchers debate over a T-Rex vs. One Million Cats

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Credit: AP Photo

A tyrannosaurus rex and one million cats are set to battle it out to the death. Who would win? This topic was highly debated by a few members of the San Diego Padres current rotation when they were in the minors. In this fun piece, let’s hear their thoughts on the subject.

It is the summer of 2017 and a beautiful day at The Diamond in Lake Elsinore. The Storm pitching staff is stretching in the outfield, as usual before a game.

Cal Quantrill, Eric Lauer, Joey Lucchesi, Logan Allen, and Jacob Nix are there among other pitchers and players. When you spend so much time together during a season, there are times when conversations take a turn for the weird. Especially when you are talking about pitchers and the fact they have so much free time on their hands. “I brought it up two years ago in Elsinore. That is when it started. I think I asked Cal and everyone started to talk about it,” Lauer said. “We got into this huge debate over it. It started to blow up from there. We were all in this stretch circle together and thought- who do you think would win?” Lauer remembers.

At Kent State, Lauer’s roommate once brought up a topic.

What if one million cats and a T-Rex had to battle it out to the death. Who would win?

“In college, my buddy Eli Kraus, who is with the Cardinals, came up with the question. We were doing an indoor practice, and he came up with this- If we fill this whole indoor facility with a million cats and one T-Rex, who would win?” Lauer said with a smile.

Your immediate reaction might lead you to believe a tyrannosaurus rex would easily win this battle. But wait. Upon further pondering this scenario, you must not count out one million cats and their ability to win this free-for-all. “I don’t even think it’s close. I think a million cats win every time. It is not as obvious to other people as I feel it is, but I am definitely on the cat’s side,” Quantrill said. The former Stanford pitcher is positive that he knows the outcome, and it isn’t even a topic worth debating. Stanford University is widely considered the “Harvard of the West,” so who are we to question? Cal insists that people who vote T-Rex aren’t truly imagining what one million cats would look like. “One million of anything would be tough to beat.”

For Eric Lauer, he is not so sure. The left-handed hurler is undoubtedly on team T-Rex, and he is not alone. “T-Rex all the way,” Joey Lucchesi said with a certain. It probably comes as no surprise that Lauer and Lucchesi have the same thoughts on this subject. They were former roommates and are seen together quite often in and around the stadium. “I really think the T-Rex would win. He would just step on them. Cats aren’t ferocious animals. They are just a bunch of house cats. People act like these cats are going to form a giant pyramid and the T-Rex would just let them attack him,” Lauer insisted.

T-Rex vs Cats

Two pitchers who share Cal Quantrill’s view on the subject are Jacob Nix and Logan Allen. “One million cats. So many cats. Nope, it’s not even close,” Logan Allen declared. These two interact with each other on various topics, so it comes as no surprise that each wanted to chime in with their thoughts on the debate. “I’m team cats all the way! I mean house cats are mini apex predators, and they’re crazy agile. Good luck with a million of those,” Nix told East Village Times. He justifies the question well by referencing the fact that cats have a natural ability to hunt. Whether or not they will be motivated can be up for debate. House cats are known to be very lazy and unmotivated. Trying to get them to go after and attack a T-Rex would be quite the accomplishment.

Like all good debates, there are good points to both sides of the argument. Lauer knows this and finds it funny that nobody can agree. “You cannot find an answer. Both sides make a lot of sense. It comes down to technicalities and conditions,” Lauer said. It really does come down to motivation. If one million cats were angry and attacking a T-Rex, you have to figure they could do some damage. But how thick is the skin of a tyrannosaurus rex?

The Lake Elsinore Storm asked many of the 2018 team this very question. Here are their answers.

Final score after 16 men chime in on their thoughts.

Team T-Rex– Eric Lauer, Joey Lucchesi, Blake Rogers, Buddy Reed, Chris Baker, Nick Margevicius, Brad Zunica, Nate Easley and David Bednar

Team Cats– Cal Quantrill, Chris Paddack, Logan Allen, Jacob Nix, Elliot Ashbeck, Hudson Potts and Reggie Lawson

9-7 is the final score in this pole, as the T-Rex wins.

In the end, this is about having fun. The Padres pitchers are enjoying their time in the majors and not taking things too seriously. “It is about having fun, inside jokes and the little things that we talk about that make the difference,” Lauer tells East Village Times. The Padres are all about chemistry, and this small debate is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of enjoyment these guys have with each other.

So what are your thoughts on this debate? Can one million cats take down a tyrannosaurus rex? Is that possible?

The debate rages on.

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