Padres News: Who is Pat Murphy?

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Mandatory Credit: Getty Images
Mandatory Credit: Getty Images

The San Diego Padres relieved long time manager Bud Black of his duties on Monday morning. With his dismissal, the Padres immediately named Dave Roberts as interim manager. Roberts was the bench coach under Bud Black, and had minimal managerial experience at the professional level.

It was speculated last month when the Milwaukee Brewers asked permission to speak with the Padres AAA manager Pat Murphy, that he would possibly be the future manager of the San Diego Padres. Well that future is now, as he was named the manager for the rest of the 2015 season. Murphy is officially on the clock. He is burdened with the task of getting production out of a team that has been very inconsistent all year long.

The San Diego Padres team was mostly constructed in the off-season. A lot of major additions were made to the team by general manager A.J. Preller. With all the new faces it has taken time for the team to come together and play for one common cause. The fact the team failed to do so in a timely matter, cost Bud Black his job.

The decision was a little surprising, but ultimately the writing was on the wall before the season even started. If the Padres didn’t perform early, changes would be made. The team struggled to find an identity and A.J. Preller has elected to bring in his choice for manager. Black was not hired by Preller, all though A.J. has respect for the man, Black did not have the organizational philosophy that Preller desired.

Pat Murphy is a baseball man. He has been in the game virtually his whole life. All though he hasn’t had the success that most typical managers have had in the Major Leagues, he has certainly paid his dues. With 947 career collegiate victories under his belt, Murphy has guided many teams to victory. Murphy was signed to a professional contract by the San Francisco Giants in 1982.

He was a catcher and infielder in college, and occasionally pitched too. Murphy played collegiate ball at Florida Atlantic University. Murphy had a brief four-year professional career with the Giants, Padres and two independent clubs. That type of resume demands respect, as the man has certainly done a lot in the game of baseball.

Mandatory Credit: Getty Images
Mandatory Credit: Getty Images

The type of attitude and accountability he brings to the team could be refreshing. It really depends on how the teams leaders respond to his coaching. Padres fans can only hope that Murphy’s brand of baseball will result in a more consistent effort from the team. Will he be able to motivate this team and at the same time win the respect of its star players? Matt Kemp, Justin Upton, Craig Kimbrel and James Shields are the leaders of this team. They need to have that respect for their new coach and support his every decision.

Not an easy task for a team that was already struggling for an identity. Bud Black provided a calming influence on the team and it remains to be seen if his loss will be harmful or beneficial for the Padres play. With his departure players are surely going to need to take more accountability in their actions and results. Black would always defuse any negative performance, but in seeing and hearing Murphy talk, he will not provide excuses. Pat Murphy brings a tougher no non-sense attitude to this team. He never played in the Major Leagues, but his love and respect for the game is quite evident. He will provide the Padres with a type of leader who is different from what we have seen in the past. Lets just see how the Padres team responds to his type of managerial process.

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