Padres Editorial: Team Chemistry is Not an Issue For Padres Thus Far


Courtesy: UT San Diego
Courtesy: UT San Diego

It is quite evident that the San Diego Padres are going to be a team to be reckoned with this season. The Padres have shown great team chemistry thus far, and it should only get better as the team begins to learn more about each other. In reality, only 15 Padres remain from last seasons team. That’s 10 new players at any given moment. It will take a little bit of time to truly gel with each other, but the early signs are great for the team.

When Derek Norris went toe to toe with the San Francisco Giants center fielder Angel Pagan, newly acquired closer Craig Kimbrel immediately went up and in with the next pitch to Pagan. That’s the kind of action that endears yourself to the whole clubhouse. Craig Kimbrel earned much respect with his fellow players and this from a man who had been on the team for only a few days. That shows that the team expects to win, and they will not take anything from anyone.

Matt Kemp and Justin Upton have a nice competition breeding between each other. They will continually push each other all season long to get better. Players that have that kind of skill, need competition like that to push themselves to improve.

We as Padres fans, can only hope to keep Upton long-term in order to witness this competition first hand for years to come. He and Kemp form a very formidable tandem, a duo that can be a force in the National League West for years to come.

Team chemistry will be a major factor in how the Padres do this season. In order to maximize their abilities as a team, they must all pull together for the same cause. Nobody’s ego can poison the promise of this season. It has to be a team effort. Any player can perform at any given moment and that what you want in a Major League Baseball team.

As Wil Nieves blasts a grand slam off long time Padre Jake Peavy on Sunday. It’s quite evident that a new Padre will be a hero every night. That’s the type of team mentality that will go far. With everyone contributing fully, the team can reach new grounds. Matt Kemp spoke immediately how happy he was for Nieves. The 19-year veteran in professional baseball had never been asked to receive a curtain call.

The Petco crowd on Sunday, applauded until the veteran catcher came back out on the field to salute them. A grand slam at a very pivotal part of the game, propelled the Padres to another victory and more importantly a successful series in which the Padres took three out of four from the defending World Series champions.

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