Padres News: On Mother’s Day Andrew Cashner Pitches for His Mom

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Courtesy: Fancloud
Courtesy: Fancloud

The San Diego Padres are a tight group of players. The team takes pride in being that way. When the news came down that Andrew Cashner‘s mother was having health issues, the whole team felt his pain. That kind of news can make you realize how insignificant you are, even if you are a major league baseball player.

Jane Cashner was diagnosed with Leukemia in September 2014. After a fall and complications resulting from a bacteria, she had to have her right leg amputated below the knee. Andrew Cashner learned this news while in spring training and naturally he rushed to be at her side. After a long surgery in which Cashner’s whole family was present, the group had nothing to do but wait. Jane Cashner would be heavily sedated for almost two weeks after the surgery.

Andrew Cashner being a major league pitcher had no other alternative but to leave her side. Cashner went back to pitching and getting ready for the season, but his heart obviously lied with his mother and the fight she has taken on.

Jane Cashner was said to smile every time she heard her son pitched while she was sedated. Those things helped Andrew move forward with the season, knowing that his mother was progressing. To be a successful major league pitcher is not an easy task, but factor in family issues and the task is nearly impossible.

I really feel for Andrew Cashner as I have endured a loss to cancer myself. My infant son was struck down and taken from me and my family, by that horrible disease. To this day it affects me in ways that could not possibly be described.

Andrew Cashner has not experienced a loss, but he has felt the feeling of insignificance. To have that feeling is something that is not easily shaken off. The concentration that a major league pitcher must have is vital, and I commend him for pitching through this rough time in his life.

The Cashner family runs strong and Jane Cashner is said to never miss one of her sons starts. Today on Mother’s Day, Andrew Cashner pitches for his mom. The women who was always there for him and grandmother to his children. She is said to be doing better, but her battle is still evident. The results from the game today are insignificant, as he is aware there are more important things to life than a silly old game. My heart goes out to Andrew Cashner and his family, I hope they can find the peace they are looking for.

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