Padres News: Myers Wrist a Major Concern For Padres

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Mandatory Credit: UT San Diego
Mandatory Credit: UT San Diego

When the San Diego Padres acquired former American League rookie of the year Wil Myers, most Padres fans were amazed. How could a developing young player like him be available for trade?

Well the answer had been his injury issues and they once again plagued this talented young outfielder. His left wrist had been an issue for Myers since he was a teenager. The inflammation was never really addressed and it was believed his June 2015 wrist surgery would correct any issues.

Myers has had a few issues with soreness in the wrist since having surgery, so frankly it seems really silly that the Padres keep trotting him out there. Myers needs to be rested as his future is of great importance to the Padres future competitiveness. A healthy Wil Myers goes a long way for the Friars. His wrist looks to be an issue and until he is able to play a whole season, there will always be questions about it.

Surprisingly enough the Padres have not held Myers out for the year. The front office is surely eager to see him play, but it is very risky to both Myers’ psyche and his health to have him return too early. The wrist could be aching as a sign of normal wear and tear after surgery. It could be absolutely nothing. Still troublesome when you consider all the talent the Padres gave up to obtain Myers.

Wil Myers numbers this season are not great, but he has flashed moments of greatest with the bat. His batting line of .256/.339/.430 is respectable. Myers has also hit eight home runs and driven in 29 runs in 58 games and 223 at bats. Myers, Matt Kemp and Justin Upton are all banged up right now. All three outfielders have probably played their last game of the 2015 season. A shame for a season that once had so much promise.

Most of Myers playing time has come in center field, but he had recently received a handful of starts at first base after Yonder Alonso was injured. Myers has totaled a WAR rating of 1.1 this season despite gaining a -0.7 rating on defense. He should not be in center field next season, the Padres will most likely rely on him in left field or at first base. That all remains to be seen. With the Padres capable of going in many different directions.

The concerns over Myers wrist are very legit. At the age of 24, he should have a very bright future ahead of him. It is really a shame that he has not had the opportunity to play everyday for a whole season. If he were able to play 150 plus games, he could easily put up All-Star caliber numbers.

Myers is not due for free agency until the 2020 season. That means that the Padres have him under team control for the next four seasons and at a relatively inexpensive price. Great news for the Padres if he can remain healthy and productive. Myers and his ability to get on the field consistently is a big key for the possible success of the 2016 San Diego Padres.

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