Padres News: Jedd Gyorko Starting to Hit

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Mandatory Credit: UT San Diego
Mandatory Credit: UT San Diego

Right when most San Diego Padres fans started to really give up on Jedd Gyorko, the man has started to hit. You cannot deny the fact that he has changed his approach and is not as heavily pull happy as he was to begin the season. Mark Kotsay was said to be working hard with Gyorko on going the other way and the results are evident.

With a .355 average so far in the month of May, Gyorko might be on his way to a decent season. The 11-31 start to this month is an encouraging sign as at times during the beginning of the year, Gyorko was lost at the plate.

Jedd Gyorko has been splitting time with the Yangervis Solarte initially at second base, but now faces a new challenger in Cory Spangenberg, who has been on fire. Spangenberg has solidified himself at the top of the order in the last handful of games.

So what does it mean now that Gyorko is starting to swing the bat well? The Padres are loaded with four infielders for essentially two spots. Solarte, Spangenberg, Gyorko and Will Middlebrooks. Yonder Alonso and Wil Myers being hurt, allows a little more flexibility, but once they both return the lineup could continue to change on a nightly basis. Something that personally irks me as a fan. I know Bud Black has his hands full trying to get playing time for everyone, but some sort of regimen in the lineup would go a long way for the team in terms of consistency. Well, at least that is what I believe.

Defensively Gyorko has been perfect this season in 176 innings at second base and 38 put outs. For this seasons team that is very important. The Padres of 2015, need as many quality defenders as they can get on the diamond at one time. Gyorko probably doesn’t have the best range, but he is quite consistent with his hands and he has a strong-arm

I for one am hoping for a return to fame for Jedd Gyorko. We are only two seasons from his 23 home run campaign as a rookie. The power he has is legit and from a middle infielder can be priceless. Tonight against Jordan Zimmerman and the Washington Nationals, Gyorko is out of the line-up.

In my opinion the team is protecting him and his average. If they intend on dealing him like I suspect, they want him to be hitting well and performing. His contract is hefty at over $30 million left thru the 2019 season. Gyorko is indeed starting to swing the bat well, and that is very good news for the Padres.

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