Padres News: Derek Norris Showing Early Team Leadership

Courtesy: SD Union/Tribune
Courtesy: SD Union/Tribune

The game which ended in a loss for the San Diego Padres had a positive outcome in my eyes. Never mind the fact the offense seemed reminiscent of the 2014 team. Forget Jedd Gyorko grounded into two rally killing double plays. Forget that Bud Black again failed to advance runners over with less than two outs with a bunt sign. Do recall and remember the type of leadership shown by brand new catcher Derek Norris. That type of attitude and moxie he displayed will earn much respect in the locker room.

Angel Pagan clearly didn’t mean to throw any gum at Norris, but for him to chirp at Angel Pagan and call him out is fantastic. This Padres team is not going to be walked on by anyone. If another team comes to challenge the Padres, then the whole team will rally and play for each other. That’s how winning baseball is played.

The fact Craig Kimbrel went up and in on Pagan with a 97 mph fastball on the next pitch, speaks about team unity. If you are going to start something with one player, then you will get the whole 25 man squad. I absolutely love that!

The edge that Norris brings is great. Especially in a vital position like catcher. He has the whole field in front of him when he is playing. No other position player can make that statement. The early leadership that Norris has shown has been tremendous.

I always liked him as a hitter, but was skeptical about his receiving skills and leadership abilities. Well that skepticism was based upon not seeing him play everyday and was truly unjust. He is the man.

The man is a gamer in every sense of the word. He is a valuable player in the locker room and especially on the field.That type of behavior will go a long way in your team mates eyes. They know that you have their back and that goes a long way when it comes to production on the field.

Team unity and a common goal is a consistent theme for the San Diego Padres. Keep up that type of behavior and the wins will come in bunches. Derek Norris has taken it upon himself to show what type of player he is. I love what I have seen so far. Keep up the great work and provide the leadership that is shown with play and hard work. The sky is the limit for this San Diego Padres squad.


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