Padres News: Cuban 3b Yanio Perez Next Signing for Padres?

Credit: MLB Pipeline

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Credit: MLB Pipeline
Credit: MLB Pipeline

The San Diego Padres could be at it again. The team has already signed four out of the top eight prospects on the international market, and appear to be one of the finalist for the services of young infielder Yanio Perez.

The Cuban right handed hitter is 20 years old and a little more polished than some of the prospects signed earlier this month by the team. At 6′ 2″ and 205 lbs he has the prototypical size of a third baseman and he also has the power of one. He has some of the best raw power coming out of the draft and projects quite favorably to most scouts.

Would the Padres again sign a player and pay a 100% luxury tax on him? They just signed Jorge Ono to a $7-million dollar contract ($14-million after the penalty). Can the team afford to take on more penalties to solidify the farm system? Only time will tell, but with the signing period not ending until next June, the Padres will surely be players when it comes to signing these young kids. There should be no more complaining from Padres fans. This commitment already on the international market is unheard of from the Padres.

Perez comes with a very impressive skill set. His power ranking is a 65 according to He also has a decent wheels for a big man. His abilities at third are a work in progress but he should have no problem staying there long-term. At the age of 18 in the Cuban league he had a batting line of .259/.335/.328 his career in the league. Not too bad for a young man who was obviously over matched a bit.

The Astros, Rockies, Reds and Rangers are all said to be in on him too. It is not clear if the Padres are the favorites, but the fact they are linked to another young international player is exciting. If they were to sign Perez the Padres would secure five out of the top ten ranked players on this years draft. That is ridiculous. Preller is Prelling… Enjoy it Padres fans.

3 thoughts on “Padres News: Cuban 3b Yanio Perez Next Signing for Padres?

  1. It’s not my money, so I hope these signings keep coming. Preller did mention shortly after July 2nd, that the signing blitz would not be the end of the signings and that the Padres have the entire year to sign players. Of the “big players” left, Perez makes sense because even though there will be a 100% penalty on the signing, it will still be far less a payout than that of what the younger Gurriel is going to get when he signs in October. As long as some of these guys, the high end ones hopefullye, turn out, the Padres should have a very right future.

    PS This is the 1st time I have commented on this sight, you put out some pretty good stuff James. As long as you and AJ keep up the good work, this Summer won’t be all that unbearable. Thanks.

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