Padres News: Coach Murphy Gets His First MLB Win

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Mandatory Credit: UT  San Diego
Mandatory Credit: UT San Diego


The San Diego Padres gave their new manager his very first major league win on Thursday afternoon. The Padres played well and it was a great team effort. Ian Kennedy pitched six strong innings, only allowing one run on four hits in 92 pitches. Matt Kemp and Derek Norris both hit solo home runs. Shawn Kelley and Brandon Maurer both pitched a scoreless inning of relief, and Craig Kimbrel came on for the save in the ninth.

Just like the tea drew it up on the board. The Padres score some runs, pitch well and hold the lead. A very likely outcome, but for some reason the Padres have failed to obey the rules of the formula. That is where Pat Murphy comes in, and he has the dubious task of creating a sense of balance among the Padres.

The team has been terribly inconsistent. Giving away numerous of games with poor defense and untimely bad pitching. The San Diego Padres could easily have five to eight more wins this season. The game of baseball is made up of many what if’s. You cannot hold your head to low on past mistakes and you cannot hold your head too high with any success you have had. Being steady and staying humble wins in baseball, you must be both to thrive in this game.

Pat Murphy brings to the team a lot of passion. He has been through a lot in the game of baseball. He has plenty of experience and the players surely respect him. His type of attitude might be just what the Padres need to succeed. It will take time for him to get to know all the players and what it takes to motivate them. Padres fans can only hope the change was not made too late to make a difference in the current Major League season.

After Pat Murphy’s first win the team drug their coach into the shower and gave him a beer and baby powder shower. Truly a great initiation into the team and a very nice way to build team chemistry. Things like that remind the players that they play a game for a living. They should enjoy every moment of it and have fun.

Alexi Amarista pitching during a 14 point loss was a true low point for the season. The team was just about to lose its fourth straight game, under three different managers. Amarista ended up being called into the game after rookie Cory Mazzoni could not get the last out of the eighth inning. Amarista threw one pitch, resulting in a fly ball out.

After the game the media asked Pat Murphy why he chose Amarista to pitch in the eighth opposed to any other position player. He calmly said “I thought I’d pick the guy lowest to the ground”. That is the type of manager the Padres have now. Murphy is a┬áno-nonsense manager, but yet a manager who will have fun and enjoy the game. We will see what kind of results that brings to the field on a daily basis.

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