Padres’ Logan Allen is never too high & never too low

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Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

San Diego Padres’ rookie pitcher Logan Allen is currently on cloud nine. The left-hander is enjoying his time in San Diego, as he focuses on becoming the best major league pitcher that he can be.

After his first two major league appearances, Logan Allen was 2-0 and had only allowed two earned runs in 13 innings pitched.

In his next start against the Giants, at home, he was knocked around for six earned runs in four innings pitched. The left-handed pitcher knew that rough times were coming and he took the loss in stride. “You learn more from the bad than the good. Now it is over, and I move on to the next one. Whenever my name is called, I will go out there and dominate,” Allen said with a smirk.

Curious about his routine and if it changes after an unsuccessful day at the ballpark, we spoke about preparation and becoming ready each start. “I just keep the same routine. Nothing changes. I have to be the same guy every day. It (start against the Giants) was tough but I am the same guy. I bring the same amount of energy every day to the field. I just keep moving forward. I look at some video, and I flush it. You can’t walk out of that clubhouse unless you are ready to flush it,” Allen said. That same mindset is what he uses after a successful outing as well. You can never be too high or too low in the game of baseball. Logan Allen understands that.

In his outing against the Giants, manager Andy Green quickly ran out to the mound to pay a visit to the left-handed pitcher when he was having his rough inning. “He was letting me know that I was his guy and that I can do this. It was a confidence-boosting thing for me. I immediately starting throwing strikes to Brandon Belt, but I let things slip away from me. The intensity was there,” Allen told East Village Times. The young manager was attempting to gain something from the pitcher. Allen appreciated it but was unable to slow down the game that night. Sometimes those things happen to a young pitcher. “I had my fastball command, and my velocity was up. I felt great. My stuff was there. Sometimes you have bad stuff and win games, and other times you have great stuff and struggle. You gotta work with what you have when you have it,” Allen said.

Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Major league life has been great for the young pitcher. “It is everything I could have expected and more. My experience here is going to be surreal until the day I am done playing the sport,” Allen said endearingly. He appreciates where he is and will never take that for granted. Allen has always had this outlook on the game of baseball, and that has to do with his home life. He appreciates each day, and that will take him far in life.

Logan is the type of player who enjoys interacting with the fans. He uses social media and is often found there interacting with people. The fans of the Padres are really starting to grow on Allen. “They are awesome,” Allen said, smiling. “Padres Twitter has been very uplifting and when they are not it is because they care about this city and the team. They need to keep doing their thing. I don’t think any other team has anything like what we have with Padres Twitter,” Allen said. The pitcher loves the support he gets from the fan base. He is an intense individual who will give it all out on the mound. Fans appreciate that type of personality.

It is not a secret that the city of San Diego is a beautiful place to live. “The city is incredible. The fans are amazing. They have already stuck by me all these years, and now that I am here, they have my back even more. They believe in me, and I am going to give the city everything that I have,” Allen said with a serious look on his face. He wants to win. He wants to succeed. And he wants to do it in America’s Finest City.

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