Padres’ interest in LHP Matthew Boyd could rekindle

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Could Detroit Tigers’ starter Matthew Boyd be an option for the San Diego Padres in their quest for pitching?

With little to nothing available on the open market in terms of reliable starting pitching, the San Diego Padres’ interest in Tigers’ LHP Matthew Boyd could rekindle.

The San Diego Padres showed interest in Boyd last summer when the Tigers explored the idea of trading their best pitcher. Ultimately, Detroit decided against a trade, but word is the team is now prepared to move Boyd in an attempt to restructure their roster for 2020.

Matthew Boyd is relatively expensive for the Tigers as he is expected to earn over $6 million in arbitration this coming season. The lefty has three years of service time in his current contract, and that makes his value pretty high on the trade market, so the Tigers can expect to gain a decent return for the pitcher.

The Padres have young players that could be enticing to Detroit.

The real question is if the Padres view the soon-to-be 29-year-old as an upgrade in their rotation. Boyd had a breakout year of sorts in 2019 as he struck out 238 batters in 185.1 innings. He also amassed a 3.5 WAR total despite a 9-12 record and an ERA of 4.56. He does not have a power fastball, but his K-rate jumped to an 11.6 this past season from an 8.4 total in 2018.

The southpaw is a flyball pitcher who allowed 39 homers last year, which led the American League. Petco Park is not the pitcher’s park it once was, so this is a slight concern for the Friars. His K-rate has climbed over the last three seasons, and his walk-rate has lowered each year dictated that he may be trending towards being a top-end pitcher.

Standing in at 6-foot-3 pitcher he has good size and a bit of a funkiness to his mechanics. Left-handed batters only managed a .711 OPS off the Tigers’ hurler last season. There is some risk with Boyd, but he seems capable of sustaining his inflated strikeout numbers. He owns a career 31-47 record in five Major League seasons with a 4.92 ERA and a 1.320 WHIP. In the majors, 119 of his 122 games have come as a starting pitcher as he features a decent arsenal capable of getting batters out a third time through the lineup.

A.J. Preller and his staff will leave no stone unturned. Matthew Boyd is undoubtedly on the team’s radar. If the cost is sufficient, the Padres could very well pull the trigger on a deal. The lefty is under contract for the next three seasons, and that could go a long way for a generally youthful pitching staff.

8 thoughts on “Padres’ interest in LHP Matthew Boyd could rekindle

  1. Hard pass on Boyd just for what they expect in return. Is AJ really wants to give away prospects, turn to Whit.

  2. I still don’t see a winning team for 2020, I thought they were going to make some big deals for Pitchin but apparently that’s not the case

    1. ZiPS sees a team with 88-win potential. More to the point, only national sports writers are saying the Padres “need another starter”, meaning somebody they know. Most of them DON’T know the talent level and depth of Padres pitching.

      In addition to Paddack, Richards, Lamet, Lucchesi and Davies, the likely Opening Day rotation (pick you own order), the Padres can call on Quantrill, Morejon, Bolanos, Baez, Margevicius, Strahm, Perdomo,Wingenter, Nix, and Kennedy. All ten have major league experience, and all ten have started at least one major league game. In addition, the top two Padres pitching prospects, Gore and Patino, are posible call-ups later in the season.

      The Padres’ brain trust is high on a large number of these guys, who won’t be overwhelmed at a major league opportunity because, except for the last two, they’ve all been there before. That’s the reason AJ Preller passed the word that the Padres were going with their in-house pitching options. Given the overpay for most free agent pitchers this off-season, that’s the smart thing to do.

  3. I don’t really get why Boyd is a big trade target. He seems like he would be the 6th best starter on the team in terms of expected ERA next year. I wouldn’t mind if the Padres traded for him since not all their starters are going to make every start, but I would fear an overpay.

  4. It seems that whatever pitcher may be acquired would replace Lucchessi or Richards, and Richards will likely be replaced a month or two (3 tops) into the season. So whoever is being considered should be a great deal better, and Boyd, et al would, at best, be slightly better, and would hardly be the difference needed. So why give up capital for someone who is not going to move the needle much, if at all?

  5. Agree with lb and greg. We can get the same level, if not better production from guys we have. His saving grace this year seems to be his good strikeout rate, but that seems like an anomally from what i rember seeing what his career numbers are. Ace or bust please, or go with the young guys we have.

  6. Totally agree with LB. The Padres need an Ace. Anything other than that, and I would prefer to go to internal SP options.

  7. Noooooo…..

    This would be another buying-high on a player with many signs that scream over-rated, declining, etc. And we know we can’t trust AJ in getting a fair deal.

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