Padres in Negotiations on Trade of Headley and Solarte

Credit: AP Photo

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Credit: AP Photo

A.J. Preller is a man on a mission.

His ultimate duty is to improve a franchise that has been neglected for a long time. He is well on his way to accomplishing his mission as the Padres’ farm system is one of the best in all of baseball. The team also has some decent young major league talent, and reportedly also has money to spend.

Things are about to get very interesting in Padreland.

Currently, the team is attempting to iron out a contract with Eric Hosmer, which would surely be the richest in the team’s history. The Hosmer talk continues as the Padres attempt to be competitive and make their mark in the National League West.

A report came out on Wednesday that the Padres are actively shopping and in negotiations with a few teams for the services of Chase Headley and Yangervis Solarte. Headley was just acquired yesterday by the team, but immediately was told by the Padres G.M. that he could be moved once again and to stay prepared.

Chase Headley is 33 and making $13 million this season in the last year of his contract. Yangervis Solarte is 30 years old and due $4.125 million this season with two friendly team options ($5.5 million 2019/$8 million 2020) after that. Solarte arguably has more value because of his age and his versatility in the infield.

With Christian Villanueva, Carlos Asuaje, and Cory Spangenberg on the roster, it is not shocking that the Padres are shopping Solarte and Headley.

Nothing seems imminent, but the team will probably have to pull a trade eventually as there simply isn’t any room for all the talent.

Here are some teams to keep an eye on as the Padres search for trade partners:

Los Angeles Angels

It is not a secret that the Angels need infield help (well, they did). They also need left-handed bats in their predominately right-handed lineup. Both Solarte and Headley make sense, but Yangervis has the ability to play second, though the team just acquired Ian Kinsler. Solarte is also under team control, while Headley is gone after the year. In recent days the Angels acquired Zack Cozart, so their interest in a third baseman appears to be over.

New York Mets

The Mets have been linked to Todd Frazier and other third base options on the free agent market. Could they be interested in Headley or Solarte? Matt Harvey is reportedly being shopped in his last year before free agency. He would be an interesting option for the Friars as they could view him as an excellent flip candidate after a half a season in Petco.

Kansas City Royals

With Mike Moustakas, Lorenzo Cain, and Eric Hosmer about to walk, the Royals need offensive help. I can see Headley as a decent option for them until they can figure out their corner infield future. 2018 will be rough for Royals fans, but the team will attempt to field some veteran players with the goal to be competitive.

Oakland A’s

The A’s could use the versatility of Solarte in the infield. Marcus Semien makes sense for the Padres, as the A’s have a young shortstop (Franklin Barreto) ready for service time. Semien has power and could be a great stopgap until the kids in the minors are ready for action.

Pittsburgh Pirates

The Pirates are on the verge of breaking down their team. With Andrew McCutchen due for free agency after the 2018 season, the Pirates are preparing themselves for a transition period. With David Freese at third base, Pittsburgh could use an option there. This is a dark horse team for Headley or Solarte, but worth monitoring.

San Francisco Giants

It would be very difficult to trade within the division, but the Giants need a third baseman. Pablo Sandoval is penciled in there at the moment and that is a very risky option for a team that looks to compete in 2018. Headley makes sense for San Francisco, but the Giants’ farm system is pretty weak and they will likely not want to part with major league talent.

Atlanta Braves

They are known to be on the lookout for third base help. Solarte and Headley would both make sense for the Braves, but what do they have to offer? The Padres could ask for Ozzie Albies, a young, phenomenal shortstop who is penciled in to play second for the Braves. But that would be a hard sell for the Braves. They would want more. Still, the two sides do match up and Preller has already pulled multiple deals with Atlanta.

17 thoughts on “Padres in Negotiations on Trade of Headley and Solarte

  1. We all know A.J. isn’t paying $200 M for Hosmer. But I like how he’s stockpiled a ton of high upside prospects which should bring talent up in a few different upcoming waves. He’s clearly looking for a few key “Veteran” pieces to make the team appealing to fans and other players now but are still young enough to still be around and productive when the talent arrives. Hosmer at the right price with Myers in left and Galvis at SS isn’t bad? Headley will get flipped.

    1. What “rant”? Saying he is not as good, but might possibly play about the same for a couple of years is a rant? Now THAT is “just plain silly.”

  2. Tommy T, I totally fail to see the negative impact of adding Eric Hosmer, a durable, proven winner, leader, 4-time gold glove winner, power and contact hitting, 28 year old, All-star, to the Padre’s roster! To bark so strongly against that possibility, in my mind, totally discredits any other “expertise” you may try to offer. Lighten up and try to think outside the Padre box a little bit….

  3. Yes, let’s hope there is another Red Sox-like team to rescue the Padres from signing Hosmer like there was for Panda. I remember hearing Boston consistently mentioned at the time of his free-agency, along with the Padres, but I am not hearing about any other teams in the same seriousness as the Padres. It seems Boras has them bidding against themselves (AJ bidding against AJ). While signing Hosmer is one event, all of these other signings, and potential signings, should make us all very concerned about the GM and leadership, and the future success of the Padres. “interesting” … or alarming, if not embarrassing! An 7 or 8 year, 180 to 200 mil contract, for a first baseman of all things, will heavily hinder their progress for years to come.

  4. I’m not sure we’re ironing out anything for Hosmer, there’s going to be a couple of teams ponying up sick money for him and if the Pads do the same that is extremely scary. Do you see them holding off until next year to spend money? Allegedly the FA class is supposed to be better, at least at this point.

    -Just curious, who do the Angels have that would make them a good trade? I don’t know much about their farm system but I do know their team is a little lacking.

    -People have also been throwing around Santana and Morrison rather than Hosmer. Any thoughts on Morrison other than we all wish his avg and obp was a little higher?

    1. Morrison is likely not as good, but could play about the same as Hosmer for the next couple of years. The major factor would be that he would come far cheaper, and would be for 2 or 3 years. Hosmer would immediately be a bad contract, and an albatross that they would be trying to get rid for the last 5 or 6 years of the purported 8 year contract. Signing Hosmer is just mind-boggling … unless the are able to sign him for 3 to 5 years at 15 mil.

      1. Agreed Tommy and I meant to mention- good (excellent) reference to Panda… I mean honestly, does anyone remember how badly AJ has estimated these contracts/values? The only reason (to my knowledge) why we didn’t get Panda is because he turned us down… for what, 80 mill? Imagine that guy for 80…. wow. It makes the Shields deal seem decent. But really, AJ is not much of a contract guy as he’s shown, and this is judging by the last 10 big contracts he’s had his hands in.

        Agreed on Morrison btw, and Hosmer, salary-wise. I’m just concerned here: with Wil getting 90, you have a scenario where AJ gives Hosmer around 130-140. And yeah, that’s pure insanity. I’d pray for Morrison or Santana in that scenario, or even just skip the stupid idea altogether. I love all the ideas and boxes this checks but this isn’t the way to do it, especially with us trading to get crap/affordable pitching in this market. I’d rather see a #1 type come in next year for the same clip.

      1. Hosmer gets $200 mil by teams ignoring his entire body of work and paying on last year alone. Hopefully it isn’t the Padres.

        1. Not to mention… the Padres would have 250 to 300 million dollars tied up with first basemen, which is the easiest position to fill, and less than a fourth of that in all other positions COMBINED!

          1. Holy shit Freddy, that’s funny! …And terribly true. Oh man, does this organization ever get it right, for more than a few months at a time? There’s spaces of time in the 80’s and 90’s where they did a lot of things right for a short time. Right now, signing Hosmer for this price basically wipes us out and straps the club to something worse than what they’ve given Wil. I mean, this isn’t like bringing in Garvey, we’re not ready to win a damn thing right now.

            Oh and if the Padres are suddenly a big market club, could someone let me know? I didn’t realize we could spend a quarter of a billion on 1B either. Thanks for that bit of perspective Freddy… ouch. Did I just start to miss Yonder Alonso? lol….

        2. You’re absolutely right, as well as Boras must know how to use some kind of Jedi mind trick on GM’s … or he has some unflattering pictures of the owners. It is puzzling how his clients’ contracts are so much higher than reality dictates.

    1. well actually freddy, as i was thinking… it will have competition. Shields at 75 mill and Meyers at 90 mill. If Wil regresses, gets hurt, doesn’t get to where he should be, that contract is as bad as it looks right now. Shields well…. And keep in mind, Pablo Sandoval turned us down for a number in that neighborhood. That is scary, and that means Hosmer might actually get a really stupid offer.

      I realize AJ is reaching the early stages of SD royalty here but his understanding of contracts is uh… “interesting”.

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